What Is Google Update

By Strahinja | Tips

Jul 24
what is google update

If you want to know what is Google update then all you have to do is keep reading our article. In a nutshell, Google Update is a little program that updates your Google applications on startup. It does so automatically so you do not have to worry about keeping your Google programs up to date.

But not everyone is happy with this program. They say that this little file can cause a few problems as it runs its application. Since it is not a critical Windows component, you can delete it without it affecting your Windows operating systems.

If you do block or delete it, you may have trouble with the performance of Google Chrome, Google Earth and other Google programs. Also, you would have to do your updating manually to make sure your Google programs stay current.

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What we will do here is talk about Google Update, what it is and other important details like blocking or uninstalling it. Of course, like a bad penny, this little app keeps returning unannounced. It will reinstall without telling you and you would have to redo the uninstall process all over again.

What Is Google Update?

what is google update

This is a tiny little program titled GoogleUpdate.exe and over 98% of all installations use the version 2.4.2432.1652. Once installed, this little program builds a start up point in your Windows program and designs itself to start up when you boot up your computer.

Also, it creates a scheduled task and attaches itself to your Windows Task Schedular. When this happens, the Google Update can be launched at different scheduled times. In its construction, this app automatically adds a Windows Firewall exception so that it can connect to the internet without trouble.

Approximately 29 files in total are a part of this .exe app and it is only about 4 MB in size.


The Key To Using This Application

Like any computer application, there can be issues that arise as you use Google Update. After it is installed, your computer may not work as good as it did prior to that installation. There are tricks you can do to make sure the app doesn’t ruin your Internet surfing.

First, you should keep your computer nice and clean. You should regularly run a malware scan and clean up your hard drive. There are several top quality programs that will handle this task for you.

what is google update

Then you should uninstall those programs you are no longer using or need. If you have done all of this make sure you do routine back ups of all important files and set a good restore point or two. But if you still have a problem, try to remember what was the last program you installed or the last computer activity you did and see if the problem is found there.

When you find the problem, you will need to fix it of course, but try to avoid reinstalling the operating system. If you are using Windows 8 or newer OS, then you can use this program DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth to repair the damage without losing any data.

Now to analyze GoogleUpdate.exe you can turn to your security task manager and have it display all running Windows tasks. This program will reveal hidden process as well. Then run the approriate program to find and remove any trojans, spyware and so on.


Is Google Update Important And Needed

On an individual basis, you could probably do well without the .exe program automatically updating your Google programs. While it saves you time and energy in the updating process, you can still handle the task yourself manually and get the same results.

Removal or blocking the Google Update app should not harm your Google programs as long as you regularly do the updates yourself. In comparison to large businesses, your computer work is not on a large scale so you should not see much of a difference in your computer’s operation.

Now if you are a business owner, Google Update may be vital to the operation of your business. It can save you time and money by automatically updating all your Google programs. You would not need to hire a computer tech to handle that task or you can redirect their energies to other important computer issues.

A business that needs updated programs to function will be protected by all the bug patches, etc., that Google Update will bring automatically to their computers. Google Update will help your computers run more efficiently and display other websites better as well as quicker.

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Pros And Cons 

Like anything else on this earth, Google Update has its share of good and bad points. There is no such thing as a perfect application thus it is imperative that you be aware of its glowing attributes as well as its pitfalls.


  • Starts up automatically - this saves you time and hassle.
  • Updates automatically - you do not have to spend time trying to figure out what the updates do. They are installed right away.
  • Loads up very quickly - you shouldn’t see any difference in your start up speed.
  • Updates all Google programs - none of the ones you have installed will be left out of the updating process.
  • Uses an automatic task schedular system to make its updates - does this at least once a day.



  • Hard to remove - if you do not want it, it can be difficult to block or remove from your computer.
  • Removal can harm performance - removal may affect the performance of your Google programs and they may not work properly.
  • Can return without permission - even if you successfully remove it, it will find its way back onto your computer. Sometimes without you giving permission for it to be re-installed.
  • May have to remove Google programs - to get rid of Google Update you may have to uninstall your Google programs then reinstall them after you get rid of the Update.exe file.


Removing Google Update From Your Computer

The good news is that you can use a variety of methods to remove GoogleUpdate.exe from your computer programming. What follows are two of those methods that should work for you:

Method #1 - disable through the control panel

  • turn to windows start menu>run
  • type in services.msc, then click OK
  • find the words GoogleUpdate Service and double click on them
  • In the general tab, change the start up type setting to disabled
  • After you have done these steps, you need to go to your controlpanel>administrative Tools>Task Schedular
  • Find the schedular with Google Update and then right click. Then either delete it or change its status to disable
  • Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect


Method #2 - Disable through registry

  • type regedit in the windows start menu
  • in the right pane you need to find the Auto Update Check Period Minutes and double click that
  • Once that is done, change the value to 0
  • reboot your computer


Make sure to back up those important files before you do this. Then if you do not want to remove Google Update, you can always install a permission based firewall program to temporarily block Google Update from working.


Common Google Update Locations

Finding the program to remove it can be tricky. That is because it can be found in anyone of several locations. Plus, the name of the file may be tweeked a bit to hide its identity. Some fo those names may be: GoogleUpdateHelper, GoogleUpdateBroker, GoogleUpdateCore, and GoogleUpdateOnDemand.

Some of the locations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\[version]\GoogleUpdateBroker.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\[version]\GoogleUpdateHelper.msi

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\[version]\GoogleUpdateCore.exe





Older versions of Window operating systems may locate Google Update in the following areas:

C:\Users\[username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Update\ ; C:\Program Files\ {for 32 bit}; C:\Program Files (x86)\ {for 64 bit}

To get rid of Google Update, you need to get rid of all the files related to it. It can be a tedious chore but if you do not want the app on your computer, then it must be done. Just make sure you have search all viable locations for the app before thinking you are free from its grasp.

How To Know If Google Update Unistalled Cleanly

what is google update

It is not always easy to tell if you deleted a file cleanly or not. Sometimes little traces remain behind and keep the door open for those uninstalled programs to return unnoticed. Google Update is one of those type of files. It can leave bits and pieces behind allowing it to return when you are not looking.

To see if you uninstalled Google Update cleanly, just restart your computer and go into Windows Explorer. Look for a file that has the name associated with Google Update on it. Check your registry as well for any remnants of the file.

To do that, you have to start the regedit program and look under HKEY_LOCAL_Machine> Software for the name of the file or its producer. If you are not skilled at computer technical work, it is best to have an experienced computer tech take a look and remove the files for you.

Or you can download and install a good windows diagnostic tool to help you out. If your computer is older this may be the way to go as older computers seem to acquire and retain a lot of garbage files. Talk to an experienced and honest computer tech to see about getting Google Update off your computer.


There will be times when you will have a few problems with the Google Update system. It happens and you should expect it to happen at some point while it is on your computer. Damage to the file or your Google programs can be the source of your troubles.

This damage could be the result of corrupted files or you deleted certain ones. When this happens, your Google Update file may not work correctly. There is a simple way to fix Google Update if it is not loading properly or your Google programs are not working right.

If the source of your trouble is in your google programs, then all you have to do is delete them and reinstall them. That is the fastest way to handle this issue.

Here are some common error messages and sources for you to be aware of:

1. Common Error Notices

The following error messages can occur during program installation, while Google Update is working, during Windows start up or shutdown and so on. You should make a record of when these messages occur as that infoirmation is vital to successful troubleshooting:

  • "GoogleUpdate.exe Application Error."
  • "GoogleUpdate.exe is not a valid Win32 application."
  • "GoogleUpdate.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
  • "Cannot find GoogleUpdate.exe."
  • "GoogleUpdate.exe not found."
  • "Error starting program: GoogleUpdate.exe."
  • "GoogleUpdate.exe is not running."
  • "GoogleUpdate.exe failed."
  • "Faulting Application Path: GoogleUpdate.exe."

2. Common Causes Malfunction

There are a variety of sources for your Google Update issues. Invalid registry entries, corrupted files, missing files and even a malware of virus infection can all harm your Google Update file. Regular checks with scans, etc. should help you avoid these issues.

Here are some other causes for your Google Update problems:

  • Corrupt Windows registry keys associated with GoogleUpdate.exe / Google Chrome.
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted the GoogleUpdate.exe file or related Google Chrome program files.
  • Another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted GoogleUpdate.exe-related files.
  • Another program is in conflict with Google Chrome and its shared referenced files.
  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Google Chrome software.

3. How To Fix These Errors

  1. Repair all registry entries for Google Chrome.
  2. Conduct a full malware scan.
  3. Clean out temporary files & folders or other junk files.
  4. Update all device drivers.
  5. Use Windows restore to undo recent system changes.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall Google programs.
  7. Run your Windows system file checker.
  8. Install all available Windows updates.
  9. Do a clean installation of your Windows operating system.

**It would be a wise move not to download any GoogleUpdate.exe file or any Google.exe file from an EXE download site. These files are usually not approved by Google and can be infected or associated with viruses and other computer trouble causing files.

If you want Google.exe files on your computer then it is best to go to Google and get them directly from the company.

Should You Use Google Updater

This is a question that has to be answered by you. Since Google Updater is not a vital Windows operating system program, you do not have to have it on your system. About 28% of computer experts consider Google Updater to be a threat to their computer and its peak performance.

There is about a 23% chance that if the file finds its way into your C:\Users\Username directory, the file will cause you some problems and possible damage to your computer. Depending on its directory location, the rate of danger to your computer system goes up or down.

You also have to be careful that the Google Update file you find is not genuine and contains a copycat identity to sneak a virus or a trojan onto your computer’s operating system. This information is vital if you run a business with a high Internet presence.

Most business owners may want Google Update on their systems because of the benefits it provides them. They can save money and have their employees save time by not handling the updates manually. Also, the employer can redirect employee attentions to more important economic duties while Google Updater handles the updating.

Your use of the Google Update file depends a lot on you and your preferences. It will also depend a lot on what you are using your computer system for. You may accept the risks and use the file and never have a problem.

It is up to you and what you want on your computer.

Some Final Words

Google Update may have its place on your system. If you are an advid Google user and enjoy their programs, then this little file may be the perfect tool for you to stay current. It works automatically and on startup so you do not have to do a thing to get your updates.

Plus, all your Google programs get updated at the same time. This saves you a lot of trouble and makes sure no Google program is left behind. On the other hand, if you do not use a lot of Google programs, you may want to uninstall it or block it from operating on your system.

Since no file is perfect, you can receive a few problems that hinder your computer time and work. Google Update is not foolproof and it can be used to sneak in malware and other trublesome files. In the end, you have to decide if this file is right for you or not.

Google Update has its ardent supporters and some very hard opponents. You just have to make the diecsion yourself to use it or not.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Mohammad says:

    To be honest before reading this amazing article I had no idea what google update is, actually I never thought about searching for this until I heard about it from a friend of me, and once I found your post about I am amazed how thorough and so many information in your post!
    Thank you now I understand almost everything about google update.

  • Alex says:

    Thank you very much for this very informative article.
    I didn’t know that Google launched a program that updates all Google applications on startup. However, I am a bit reluctant to use it. Although it seems to be the perfect tool to stay current and the update is done automatically on startup, it can be used to sneak malware.
    I will better wait for Google to improve the update file just to be on the safe side.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Alex.

      It is recommended to use it since it covers most of the apps we are working with in our everyday lives.

      There were almost no cases of any malware being a part of this applications, mostly because it is really well protected by Google itself.


  • Sebastian says:

    Hi Strahinja,
    Great post and insight review of Google update App. When I started reading your article, I thought here is an App that helps me to solve my time loss problems on my Google programs updating. But when I see that the uninstallation of this program is difficult and can affect the performance of my PC, then I decided to stay away from it.
    Thank you very much for this review. full with a lot of important information.


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