Is Google AdSense Free?

By Strahinja | Tips

May 25
is google adsense free

And they look to make it through a variety of means and they wonder is Google Adsense free. They ask this question because they want to maximize their website revenue with as little effort as possible.

By utilizing Google Adsense, they can accomplish this goal and make sure their website or websites are making the optimum revenue. Just continue to read our article to find out all the information you want to know about Google Adsense.

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Is Google Adsense Free?

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The good news is yes it is. You can use Google Adsense at no cost to you. Plus, Google takes the responsibility of placing the ads on your website. You do not have to do a thing except sign up and allow Google to work with you.

On top of all that, Google works hard to make sure the content of the ads are relevant to the content you are producing. With this strategy, your readers are encouraged to click on those ads that are displayed on your website.

Once they click on the ad, you get paid. Not only is Google Adsense free, it is also very easy to use and make money from.

How Long Does It Take To Sign Up

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All you need to start the application and approval process is your name, address, phone number. email address and your website’s URL. Your TIN and bank account information comes after you are approved.

Once you have submitted all the initial information, it takes roughly 24 to 48 hours before you receive approval. One way to make approval easier is to make sure you have creative, unique content on your website.

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But, this is temporary approval only. You will still need to meet other verification requirements to obtain permanent approval. There is still more good news.

Once you get the Google Adsense code, you can use it on all your websites. You do not have to get each individual website independently approved. The only thing you would have to do in this situation is customize the ads to fit your theme and content.

How To Get Paid From Google

This is probably the most important section of them all. Everyone wants to know how they get paid. It is not that difficult but it may take a little time to get through the verification process. Here are the steps involved:

is google adsense free
  • In a week to 10 days Google will send you a pin number
  • Log into your Adsense account, navigate to account settings, click verify address and enter the pin number
  • Next, you will need to verify your bank account number. The bank account name has to be the same as your Adsense account name
  • After that, you will need to verify your tax information. You will need to supply your TIN number and fill out the appropriate tax forms
  • To verify your phone number you will be sent a code which you need to put in the right slot

Now you can get paid and make that extra revenue you need.

Understanding what is Google Update can help you make the most out of this application. Learn more about this from our post.

​What Websites Can Use Google AdSense?

There are three types of websites that generate the most income for AdSense members. These websites get the most traffic out of them all.

#1. Blogs - These websites are usually in tune with all the SEO strategies and use constant, consistent content to bring people to their doorstep. The among of traffic generated by this structure makes blogs very appealing to advertisers.


The more traffic a blog gets the more revenue it can potentially make.

#2. Forum Sites - these websites bring in a lot of traffic as they provide internet users with a place to present their opinions. That means a lot of people are using these websites, and that makes advertisers happy.

The more users the more people will see their ads and hopefully buy their product. The more people clicking on the ads means more income for you.

is google adsense free

#3. Free Online Tool Sites - now these are not places to get free tools to work on your car or home. These are websites that offer the Internet and computer user free tools they can use to improve their performance, grammar and protect them from viruses.

There are a lot of people who look for and use these websites. That amount of traffic makes advertisers happy and you can make a nice chunk of change if you operate one of more of those sites

The Benefits Of Using Google AdSense

There are a lot of benefits you can receive from opening up a Google Adsense account.

Here are just a few of them:

is google adsense free
is google adsense free
  1. No product is required - you just need a good website.
  2. You get a search function from Google to keep your visitors on site.
  3. You can use your AdSense account on multiple websites.
  4. It is very easy to use and set up.
  5. You do not have to create the ads. Google does it for you.
  6. You can customize the ads. That keeps you in control of their look and relevancy.
  7. Google provides you with a lot of online help. You do not have to face problems on your own.
  8. Your are not limited to having ads just on your website. You can branch out and place adds on searches and RSS feeds.
  9. Little time investment involved. AdSense does most of the work once your application is approved and verified.
  10. It doesn’t cost you anything to use. Even the application is free.

Some Final Words

Google Adsense makes a lot of sense when you are looking to raise your income. You do little work but reap a lot of rewards if your site is generating the traffic. Once the approval process is over, you just let AdSense handle it all, except for some customizing,


You can concentrate on your content to make sure the traffic volume remains high or increases. At the same time, you can make a little money as your visitors click on those ads.

Your commission is about 68% of the advertiser’s fee they paid to get their ad on your site. That is a nice commission for doing very little.

Thank you for reading.



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  • Matt's Mom says:

    I tried google ad-sense a few months back and then noticed that the google ads were no longer on my site.  So I went to my google ad-sense account only to find out that somehow I had added a campaign what would cost me for clicks.  My bill was over $1200.  So I just want to say that you do need to be very careful when  you are setting up ad campaigns.  I was a little disgruntled that it was that easy of a mistake and that there were not more safe guards built in or emails sent to me.  

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes, we should all be careful with our campaigns because they usually stick through, if you do not unsubscribe from the billing cycle.


  • Mark says:

    Great article! I signed up for Adsense years ago and have been using it on my sites, but haven’t made much money from it. It’s still nice to have, though. Cashing out the occasional $100 certainly doesn’t hurt. But with that said, I never actually thought about setting up sites other than ordinary blog sites, like the forums and tool sites you mentioned. That might be a nice avenue to explore. Thanks for sharing!

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