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Jan 11
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If you want to know the best free themes for WordPress you are at the right place. WordPress still tops the competition with its wide selection of free themes. These themes help the average website owner to excel in their presentation and navigation.

If you have the money, I recommend the Thrive Themes. These top themes are built to make sure you have the speed, the readability, the clarity and much more. They are not just another website theme, they are an experience.

Unfortunately, Thrive Themes are not free. That is what makes these free WordPress themes so attractive. Here is the list of the top 21 free themes for WordPress in no particular order.


The Top 21 Free WordPress Themes for 2020

#1. Madd Magazine

free themes for wordpress

If you want to feel like a traditional publisher, this may be the theme for you. Your landing page is laid out like a newsstand magazine giving you a clear front page spot for your lead article.

Then you can organize your content according to the any category options this theme provides. On top of that you have a lot of customization freedom. You get to set your web page up to meet your high quality standards.

With the included widgets your design options are almost unlimited. Plus, you can monetize your site and accept 3rd party ads. Its grid layout makes sure you can put your stories or articles in the right spot that will catch your visitor’s eyes quickly.

In addition, you have the ability to place video and audio files on this theme. This allows you to be even more creative and provide your visitors with a great visit experience.

To see a demo just click here and if you want to download, click this link.

#2. Flash

free themes for wordpress

When you need flexibility, look no further than this free WordPress theme. Not only do you get the flexibility to meet your website needs, you also get a theme that is responsive and should appear on mobile and other smaller electronic devices like it was being displayed on a regular PC monitor.

Another top aspect about this free theme is its ease of use. With 6 widgets in the flash tool kit plug in and another 11 in the customization area you have the website design world at your fingertips.

Also, the About Us page is already ready for your content. That makes writing the narrative for your company a little simpler. But that is not the only page that is ready to go. There is one for your testimonials and employee biographies. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to features and gadgets you can use.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#3. Talon

talon theme

Nothing is worse than trying to set up a free WordPress theme using a complicated menu. The Talon solves that problem by making sure its menu is simple and easy to use. That is not the only simple feature on this free theme.

With its ability to provide overlaying text, you can place call to actions wherever you need them without destroying your article or other custom work. Then if you want to display key employees who help make your business the best of them all, there is a Team Module function that highlights those employees.

Another key feature on Talon are all the buttons that are built into its design. This feature saves you the time and energy of looking for your own to use. The Talon is almost a one stop free theme that makes your website life a little easier to work with.

The list of built-in features is too long to place here. Suffice it to say you are getting a lot of bang for for.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#4. Airi

airi theme

You do not always get what you pay for. Sometimes free themes are better than the ones you shell out the big bucks to have on your website. They look good and have the support you want when you launch your new website or website design.

Airi is one of those themes that exceeds expectations and performance. Its white space and font style makes sure your visitors do not need to strain their eyes when reading your website’s pages.

A banner section lets you display the key information about your company, work and other important details. Then its Elementor function lets you drag and drop your information right where you need it to be located.

That is not all. Airi also comes with WooCommerce compatibility, allowing you to market your products as soon as you set it all up. That is just the beginning. With its Live Customizer feature, you can adjust the fonts, color, backgrounds and a lot more to fit your preferences and make sure your website looks its best

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#5. Portfolio Press

free themes for wordpress

Not everything you do is literary. You may be a talented photographer, graphic artist or even cartoonist and you need a free theme to display your work. Portfolio Press is that theme and it works so well that viewing your selections on a tablet or smartphone is not a problem.

This theme uses thumbnails to help make your content nice and visible. This format also keeps those images clear and very easy to see. The thumbnails are generated automatically for your convenience.

On top of that, you can use this free theme to create regular blogs. But its main use is to allow you to create your very own easy to access portfolio. That makes showing your work to prospective employers a lot easier. They can see the quality of your work at a glance as well as how you use technology to its fullest.

Navigation is not that difficult with all of the buttons at the top of the page. To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#6. Ample

free themes for wordpress

These days it is all about how responsive your website is. More and more people are turning to tablets and smartphones to do their Internet surfing. That means you need a WordPress theme that meets that demand.

Ample is that WordPress theme and it is completely free. No matter which device you are using, your website should look professional, clear, and very attractive. With custom headers, you can attach the information you want and have it look innovative.

Then with its custom menus, backgrounds and colors you can let your creative juices flow and design a top notch website that is second to none. Also, if receiving feedback is important to you, there is a threaded comment function that creates a community feel to your web pages.

If you have visitors that do not speak your language, then the translation compatibility makes you and your information available to people around the world. Answering everyone’s questions is what helps take you to the top.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#7. Everall

everal theme

Your blogging can be taken to the next level when you turn to Everall to handle your blogging needs. A large header section gives you ample space to let people know who you are. Then the slider buttons allow your visitors to have a great navigational experience.

In addition to that, you get different widgets to link to recent posts as well as allowing them to reach your About Us and other pages without wasting a lot of time. Then, shortcodes are also part of the package. These codes allow you to make progress bars or more buttons to smooth out the navigational issues that arise.

With the many sidebars and typgraphy functions you get to have a lot of extra room to present your blog in the best light possible. This very responsive theme makes sure your content is seen by anyone using any electrical device they like to use.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#8. Semicolon Magazine

semicolon magazine

When you want a unique look, the Semicolon Magazine free theme provides the customization features you need to achieve the look you want. First, it is a very clean site that uses thumbnails to present your content to your visitors. The look is clear, crisp and easy to see.

Second, its default color may be blue but you have lots of buttons to use to change that look to one that fits your content, personality and good looks. With the included social media buttons you can link up to your favorite social media sites and get your content viewed by more people.

Third, you have a very responsive site that works with smartphones, tablets and even laptops. Your images come across crystal clear making your web pages very easy on the eyes.

Translation options lets your visitors see your content in their own language and a threaded comment section allows you to interact with your visitors.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#9. Patus

patus theme

Popularity is not the only criteria you need to use when selecting a top free WordPress theme. Sometimes the less popular options provide you with the same features and compatibility that the more popular ones do. Patus is such a free theme.

With its clean lines and blog feed on the left, navigation is not that difficult to do. All the buttons for your visitors to use are found at the top of the page. Also, you get plenty of widgets included.

These widgets make showing your best blogs easier or you can hook up to social media sites to make sure you get the exposure you need. Then color, font and other customization options are also available on this free theme. Change the background anytime you want.

You are not missing out on any top features, for example translation and threaded comments, when you choose this less popular free theme.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#10. Just Write

just write

That is what good writers want. They do not want to be bogged down with lots of technical menus, instructions and so on. They just want to write. This free WordPress theme helps those writers do just that.

With its simple to use menu buttons you can create a look that highlights your writing and lets you simply Just Write. Plus, you get clean modules that help you highlight those key blogs you want everyone to read.

Along with all of that, you get the same translation support so you can reach a wider audience. The responsive design makes sure that audience can view your content clearly and on any device they prefer to use.

Then customization is easy to do. You have widgets that help you select footers and side bars, as well as easy to use buttons to change colors. With this free WordPress theme you get to concentrate on your writing and not waste time with technical details.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#11. Shibui


One of the key features of this free WordPress theme is its ability to continuously scroll through your content. What that means is that you can linkup your content so your visitors just need to scroll to see what you have written.

This feature also keeps web page creation to a minimum while making your visitor’s navigation a lot easier and faster. On top of that, the minimalist layout lets you have your visitors focus on your content and not be distracted by other traditional web page offerings.

If you want you can create your own slideshow to give your visitors a better experience once they land on your website. The responsive theme makes sure everyone can enjoy your content even if they are using a small screen smartphone.

These are not all the features that come with this free theme. There is translation capability as well as page templates, backgrounds and color options as well. Custom menus make adapting your website very simple to do.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#12. Stanley WP

free themes for wordpress

This may be a free WordPress theme for beginners and those who like simple themes to work with. It has a simple format that is easy for everyone to understand. Along with that, you get a little playful influence to make sure your thoughts are displayed the way you want them to be seen.

Two of the best features are the simple to use control panel that lets you use the options that make your work stand out. The second is the drag and drop option that excludes using any difficult code to get your content seen.

There is more. With the built-in 3 page template, your content is seen on almost any electronic device from PCs down to smartphones. Since more and more people are turning to their phones to search the Internet that makes those features very important to use.

In addition, there is a portfolio function. This option lets you display some of your greatest photos and other pieces of art. Wow your visitors with your creativity and impressive work.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#13. Estelle

free themes for wordpress

Since many bloggers are not men, it stands to reason that women bloggers should have a female friendly free WordPress theme to use. Its convenient style and design are just perfect for those women who spend a lot of their free time blogging the day away.

With an easy logo upload, you can let people know who you are in seconds. Next, you have simple to use controls that lets you drop your widgets in your footer and sidebars without taking up too much time.

On top of those features you get an easy to use navigational control panel that is located at the top of the page. With a great accessibility to your entire blog on the main page your visitors should be able to navigate their way through your content and enjoy what they read.

Not only that, you can add a little biography spot to make your landing page a little bit friendlier. This is a free WordPress theme that is strictly for women and their favorite topics.

To see a demo just click here.

#14. Cannyon

cannyon theme

When you really want to highlight your company does you should consider this free WordPress Theme. It is made to help business owners put on a positive face for the public and show off your company’s good work, top customer service and other top business aspects it performs.

The built-in widgets help you place your content where it will be the most attractive and in the best eye catching spot. Those same widgets lets you place other information front and center, like your operating hours and other details your customers need to know about.

Once you download this top free theme, you will get a professional look that allows for some very professional looking creativity. First impressions should not worry you as your website should give off a great first impression to all your new visitors.

Finally, there are some built-in social media buttons you can turn on and use to your advantage. Those should help your exposure and bring more visitors to your website’s door.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#15. Ignite

free themes for wordpress

For those people who want their visitors to focus on your current blog post, Ignite is the free WordPress theme to use. It is made to help bloggers get their content read fast and easily.

Sidebars help your visitors navigate to the page they want. Plus with a good search function, they can look for the topics they want to read about without delay. Sidebars can also display recent comments if you want your new visitors to add their own thoughts to a topic.

Also, Ignite is very responsive making viewing on tablets and mobile phones clear and easy. Then the 5 included fonts give you a little choice in how your content will be displayed. Add in the variety of backgrounds you can use and you have yourself a very smart looking website.

When you want to talk to your visitors or customers, you can use the threaded comment section to engage them in a topical conversation to enhance your visitors’ experience and answer their questions. Your success is in how you optimize this top free theme.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#16. Storefront

storefront theme

Women, bloggers and photographers have specially designed free themes. So should small business owners and they do with this top free theme called Storefront. This website theme works for those who like to sell their products online.

You can expand your customer reach by implementing this top theme to help you get your products in front of your website visitors. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and it is made by Woo Themes.

The layout variety allows you to make your site very interesting to visit and peruse. On top of that with its responsive styling, your customers can shop from their computer, their tablets or their phones. Convenience is the best way to convert visitors into paying customers.

A clean interface and multiple widgets provide you with the power to customize your new Storefront theme. You get the look and operation you want just by making the right selections on the easy to use control panel.

In addition, there is language support, color options, threaded comments as well as the ability to upload your own logo.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#17. Perfetta

perfetta theme

If you specialize in food, this is a free WordPress theme to think about implementing on your food website. It is designed with the food specialist in mind and helps them display their content better than ever.

Its capability to display large images makes sure your favorite dishes are seen in their best light. Then you have top options to place those recipes you want to share with your public. The one column layout makes displaying your content very easy to do.

Plus that layout design makes navigation simple. Reading your content should not be an issue as your words, images and recipes are clearly displayed. The good news is that you do not have to miss out on those features other free themes come with.

There is the usual translation compatibility, threaded comments for meaningful conversations, and custom backgrounds you can choose form. Your food information and images should look better than your actual food when you use this theme to handle your content.

Anyone can use this free theme and you do not have to be a computer whiz to handle the controls.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#18. Simple Business

simple business

The word simple says it all about this top free WordPress Theme. Simplicity is what most people want as they have better things to do with their time than trying to figure out how to use complicated control panels or try to follow hard to read instructions.

Images may be a key element to your website design. This simple to use theme makes sure you have the tools to get those images looking their best. ON top of that, the included Font Awesome icon features let you enhance your online presence helping you and your company stand out.

Plus, you can customize your fonts, colors and other key elements to make sure this responsive theme looks good on all electronic devices. Once you download and install this free theme, you can always upgrade to the paid theme. That upgrade gives you access to many more features that help your website beat the competition.

When you want simple to use, Simple Business is the free WordPress theme you want on your side. You have more time to work on content or interact with your customers with this theme helping you out.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#19. Auberge

free themes for wordpress

Once you install this free WordPress theme on your website you can practically smell the coffee that is contained in your images. This free theme gets those images so clear you may think the cup of coffee is actually sitting on your desk.

While this theme is great for coffee or tea businesses, you can modify it to handle food as well. The Jet Pack function allows you to create a great menu that your visitors can enjoy.

Then if you want to expand your customer reach, you can enact the translation feature and reach those people who haven’t learned your language yet. With the header slide show ability, you can display those coffee varieties you think are your best examples.

Plus, you can talk to your customers to see what they like through the threaded comment section. Staying on top of changing coffee trends is one way to stay ahead of your competitors.

For those who like a clean organized look to their website, the multiple column options make sure your site achieves that objective.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#20. Radiate

radiate theme

This is a free WordPress theme for those people who like to display images. Those images make it easy for your visitors to see what you want them to see. With the large amount of white space, your images are the focal point.

The options this free theme has allows you to be innovative and creative. The header accepts large images and can be linked to blog posts if you want. Other features in the grid pattern makes sure your visitors have lots of viewing and reading opportunities.

Along with those features, the responsive theme makes sure your work is not wasted. It gets everything in place no matter which device your visitors are using. Translation ability lets your audience expand to those countries that haven’t learned your language yet.

To see a demo just click here and to download click this link.

#21. Regina Lite

free themes for wordpress

This is a very narrow niche free WordPress theme. While it can be used for a variety of businesses, its best use is for those people working in the different medical fields. Doctors, hospitals and clinics, etc., can use this theme to make sure their visitors see them in a positive light.

On top of that, the theme works with WooCommerce to allow those medical professionals the opportunity to make online sales. With the translation files built-in, you can activate them to make sure you reach those people who need your services.

Also, there is a book an appointment feature that helps doctors and other medical professionals manage their time and schedules. All the buttons and tools you need to display your service options, hours of operation and so on are included in this theme.

In addition, you can show off those perfect images that highlight the work you do. Everything you need is in this free theme.

To see a demo just click here.

Some Final Words

free themes for wordpress

No matter what business you do or what kind of topics you blog about, there is a free WordPress theme for you. Your website should look better than ever and you get all the tools you need to display your content for all to read.

Plus, you can expand your reach into those populations that do not speak your language. That alone makes these top themes worth using.

Thank you for reading.


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    The loading speed is also another ranking on search engines like Google.

    Do you have any idea about the loading speed of the Cannyon theme? This is the only one that suits me here.

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      You are welcome Sebastian.

      I agree with you that sometimes it can be difficult to find the the perfect theme.

      Unfortunately, I can not say that I have the exact data for Cannyon theme. The best thing would be to look for the settings or more info about this theme on the theme website.


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