What Is Fast Cash Club

By Strahinja | Scam

Feb 24

If you want to know what is Fast Cash Club you are at the right place.

We are not going to waste a lot of time here. If you want the scoop on this online money making opportunity then just continue to read our article. Fast Cash Club is just another in long line of borderline opportunities designed to separate you from your savings.

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Who Owns Fast Cash Club

The names of the founders and owners are Aaron Martin and John Harris. The problem is very little is known about them except for their promises. It is said that they are experienced traders who have developed this system where you can make $3,000 on your first day of using their system.

what is fast cash club

Unfortunately for the two owners, their work experience does not line up with the claims. There is no verifiable record of them being traders or working for Google. It should come as no surprise that the two owners are fake and one is an actor making a living through one of the freelance portals.

How Does Fast Cash Club Work

What this company is supposed to be marketing is a binary trading options platform that is supposed to help you make lots of money with minimal investment. This is a drag and drop e-commerce business and it is supposed to give you 98% accuracy on trades.

what is fast cash club

In other words you make money on almost all of your trades you do with this system. Once you install their software you set up the parameters, telling the robot what to look for. The software or robot then places trades for you while you are away.

Just so you know this is not a licensed operation but it is said to be fully automated, have a low risk factor, as well as being 100% risk free, and gives you over 1,000 successful trades a day.

what is fast cash club

On top of that, you do not need any trade experience to make that kind of money.

The Cost of Membership 

To sign up costs you nothing. If you go to the Fast Cash Club website the only thing you see on the landing page is the sign up form. There are no other buttons you can push to find out anything about this company or its owners.

what is fast cash club

You input your personal information and push the submit button. The software is also free to download but if you want to make trades and money, you have to deposit $250.

We have not heard of anyone making any money through this system let alone $3,000.

A Word of Caution About Fast Cash Club

In our research we came across a second online money making opportunity that uses the same name. It also has the same name of one of the owners we just described. Membership there costs you $37 and it has to deal with drop shipping and not online trading.


There are a lot of upsells involved as well. This option started in 2018 while the one we have been talking about started in 2016. Either way you are going to have to be careful as the John Harris in both options is still a fake.

Both use fake testimonials and even the same picture of at least one person in the exact same position. So you know that the credibility of these two companies has been thrown out the window.

The Pros & Cons of Fast Cash Club

To get a good handle on the legitmacy of a company you are not sure about, read the pros and cons. They tell an interesting story that will help you make a good decision.

plus and minus


  • Free to sign up
  • That is about it


  • Two cons using the same name, same fake owner and same fake people making testimonials
  • One owner uses two names in the same company as well as two different positions while using the same picture.
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Not possible for the software to do what is claimed
  • Fake testimonials from actors
  • Work experience not verifiable
  • Owners do not exist

Training and Support at Fast Cash Club 

This depends on which version of the company you sign up with. The drop shipping and Shopify version offers a little training through a booklet. The information is basic and hardly worth the time to read the 72 page PDF file.


The trading side of Fast Cash Club has no training. All you do is download the software and that is supposed to do everything for you. You do not need training to install software.

Is Fast Cash Club a Scam

Basically both versions are a scam. Even though you get software with the one and a booklet with the other, you are not going to make the money they claim you should be making.

what is fast cash club

Both systems are just impossible to put to good use where you can make any money at all. The trading system seems to have lost its Facebook page but its still on Clickbank and you can still reach its website.

There is a Legitimate Way to Make Money

And you do not have to wade through fake and false testimonials, biographies or waste any  money. It is called affiliate marketing and the place to go is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

affiliate marketing

This is a legitimate platform that has the right training and education to help make you a success. There are no promises of fast money, easy cash or no work involved system.

You are going to have to work for your money, learn the different strategies, overcome difficulties and use the two free websites in an intelligent manner. Plus, you are going to have to work hard to be seen as an authority on those products you represent.

affiliate marketing training

The key is there is nothing fake about Wealth Affiliate. Yo get lots of support through their different support systems makings sure you stay on the right path to success.

That is the way to go about meeting your financial goals.

Thank you for reading.


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