Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Jan 02

You are probably wondering is Digital Genius Lab a scam. It is a shame that you have been brought to that point. Even in affiliate marketing there are bad apples trying to scam people out of their hard earned money.

But the presence of these bad apples does not ruin the affiliate marketplace. It just means you have to be wary of who you contact to make some extra money. To find out the information you need to answer the question ‘is digital genius lab a scam’ just keep reading our article.

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The Founding Members

The founders seem to be real people. At least they have an Internet presence including photos of their luxurious lifestyle. The 3 top people involved are Sean & Melissa Malone and Chris Baden.


You can read about them and their program at their website, This company has only been in existence for a year and they make a point of saying they donate 1% of their profits to the Never Thirst charity.

These are very rich people trying to share their wealth secrets with you, the unsuspecting public.

How Digital Genius Labs Work

The claim on their website is that these people have created a sort of one stop shopping affiliate program. The company also states that they want to help their clients improve their lives.

is digital genius lab a scam

Their landing page also states that anyone can use it to do this job no matter their age. While there is no promises or claims of making insane amounts of money, the implication is there.

The problem is that is all a smoke screen. There is the claim that this company is an affiliate marketing training site that provides you with all the tools, training and support you will need.

question face

Unfortunately, all Digital Genius Lab turns out to be is a funnel directing you to a multi level marketing company that sells only one product - water filters. It is a bait and switch practice that has been used by both Mobe and Digital Altitude, two companies that have been shuttered by the FTC and labeled as scams.

Making Money Through Digital Genius Lab

There is a possibility to make money through this company. Of course, before you start to earn any revenue you must first pay $99 every month or a one time annual fee of $997 per year. Then there are the usual high priced upsells you need to purchase.

is digital genius lab a scam

To make any money through this company, you can promote the membership you signed up for at the same costs you paid. Or you can promote the water filters being sold by Enagic.

In other words, all Digital Genius lab turns out to be is a very ingenius designed funnel that takes you from affiliate marketing concept to an MLM business where you will earn commissions promoting those two products.


The good news is that for every membership you sell, you get a 30% commission. The way you promote these products are through well placed Facebook ads. That is it. Everything else is done for you.

Their claims of being a one stop affiliate marketing system is actually a very clever scam to recruit people who recruit people and so on. Oh and the water filters cost between $400 and $9,600 each. Good luck in selling those when Amazon has them for far less and with less hassle.

One Other Word

Besides copying sales techniques that have shut MOBE and Digital Altitude down Digital Genius Lab also copies Global Affiliate Zone. This last company does the exact same thing as Digital Genius Labs in that it funnels people to the exact same company and the exact same expensive water filters.

thumbs down

They both claim to be affiliate marketing training companies. You do get some training and there are 5 modules for you to complete. Most of the modules teach you how to use Facebook with only one showing you how to set up your website, etc.

Then there are the upsells which will cost you at least $300 to get to the information those options hold for you. But the key here is that there is nothing original about Digital Genius Labs.

It is a company that may be owned by the people who run Enagic or MOBE, etc.

What Is Wrong With Digital Genius Labs

Plenty. If the above information hasn’t turned you off of the company maybe the following will. First, it is a very clever bait and switch opportunity. You are told you are getting affiliate training from a one stop affiliate marketing platform. In reality, you are being recruited to work in an MLM corporation.


Second, it is a possible pyramid scheme that nets you little in commissions while making big bucks for your supervisors and owners. Third, the company misleads you from the start. There is no transparency until you sign up and find out what you have really got yourself into.

Fourth, it makes you pay a monthly fee just for the honor of working with them. Plus, you are paying for upsells just to learn about Facebook ads. This is information you can get elsewhere for free or minimal costs.

is digital genius lab a scam

There is more wrong with the company, but that should be enough to have you forgetting about getting involved with Digital Genius Lab.

Be Legitmate In Earning Your Money

The bad apples do not spoil the affiliate marketing industry. There are good platforms to go with. One is Wealthy Affiliate. This affiliate marketing platform gives you free training and no upsells.

Plus, they provide you with 2 websites for free to make sure you have a solid foundation to work from. There is no bait and switch with Wealthy Affiliate. What you see on their website is what you get.

wealthy affiliate training

The good news is it is not an MLM company forcing you to recruit to make money. You earn legitimate and honest commissions while you learn about how to do affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Mohammad says:

    Hey Strahinja,

    I heard about a digital genius lab from a friend, they mentioned the idea of trying this to earn money online. When I started searching about it, I was surprised how bad these people work at least in my opinion. Forcing people through their bait is a bad practice in online business. Learning from legit programs such as wealthy affiliate is a good deal for anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing.

    But, my question is. Why Google keeps such people online! They could ban them somehow, right?

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes Mohammad.

      They do always try to bait and force you into purchasing their products.

      Digital Genius Lab is not recommended at all to anyone who is interested in making honest money online.

      To answer your question, officially most of these products offer money back guarantee and they usually come form well known platforms like “Click Bank”.

      Thank you for commenting.


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