Are ClickBank Products Worth Your Money?

By Strahinja | Tips

Dec 15

It is a tough question to answer.

Not because it is "a depends question" but because there are so many elements involved at different levels that can make or break a company like ClickBank. This company focuses more on digital products because the logistics, shipping and handling issues are a lot easier to work.

Yet, that focus has opened ClickBank up to less than honest vendors who take advantage of ClickBank’s vulnerability to make a quick buck. But it is not all the vendor’s fault for the performance of this company. The company itself has left itself open to being used in this manner as well as failing to keep up with the times.

are clickbank products worth your money

What makes ClickBank a questionable company to work with is is inability to screen products and keep the bad ones away from its affiliates and customers.


The ClickBank Product Line

As stated earlier, this company has chosen to go a different route than a majority of affiliate marketing platforms. Their product lines are digital only. That means you will see a lot of informational products, e-books, membership programs and more.

You shouldn’t see many physical products because those can be costly to work with. The platform has become very popular for vendors because ClickBank does not, at this writing, have any regulations governing who can or cannot sell through their platform.

It also does not have a screening process. This lack or protection and security means that a lot of people looking to take advantage of those looking to make money quickly have free access to those unwary affiliates.

are clickbank products worth your money

Using ClickBank as an affiliate marketing platform is following the old saying ‘let the buyer beware’. You never know what you are going to get or represent when dealing with ClickBank vendors.

There are a lot of complaints about ClickBank and the products it lets on its platform but many people have not had a bad experience when they have asked for their money back.

Why Is ClickBank So Popular

There are other reasons why ClickBank is so popular other than the one given above. One reason is that the company is seen as a reputable place of business because of its secure payment process and web page.


That factor provides confidence to the many affiliates as they know they will get their money. Another factor that makes ClickBank so popular is their commission rate.

The vendors or the company pay affiliates between 50 to 75% commissions on every product sold. That is very tempting especially to those people who need to make money quickly.

are clickbank products worth your money

A third reason is that sign up and access to products is easier than most other affiliate marketing platforms. As soon as you sign up you have access to the products available for representation.

Finally, the scam products available on ClickBank make both the vendor and the affiliate a lot of money. That fact alone makes it a very popular place for less than honest affiliates to work through.

ClickBank’s Payment Scheme

You can call it a scheme because it seems ClickBank has found a way to make a lot of money for the company through its payment rules. To start off, you need to make 5 sales in total through 2 different payment plans before you get a commission.

money attraction

Then, if you do not make a sale in 90 days your account is charged $1 a day. That is not the only fee they charge. The amount goes up to $5 a day after 180 days of no sales, then to $50 a day after 1 year.

You can’t escape paying those fees if you make a sale during those periods of time because ClickBank controls the money and those fees will be paid first before you see anything come to you.

ClickBank University

This is supposed to be the company’s training arm to help you be a success at affiliate marketing. Sadly it fails at doing this as it has been said that the company is focused more on helping you launch your own products than help you be a successful affiliate marketer.

are clickbank products worth your money

There is a cost to attend this university. That fee, if it has not changed, is $47 per month and what you get for that amount of money are a bunch of out of date videos that have not kept up with the changes in the affiliate marketing industry.

We should mention that if you want more advanced training, you will have to pay additional fees that range between $98 and $679. If you choose to attend or not is up to you but check the university out carefully before apply to attend.

There Is A Better Alternative

ClickBank may have a lot of good products and a lot of good business practices but the platform is overshadowed by the many negatives that permeates its system. There is a better way to make money doing affiliate marketing.


That platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and it has a better screening process, better payment plan and better products to represent. The platform also provides you with 2 free websites to get your affiliate business off the ground.

They also offer over 500 tutorials, video education options and step by step instructions. That training is second to none and helps you get on the road to success and the best part is a lot of this is free.

affiliate marketing training

When you go with one of the best affiliate marketing platforms out there you are going to be treated in a very professional manner as well as avoiding those scam vendors that plague other affiliate platforms like ClickBank.

To get started earning money online the right way, contact us now. We are ready and willing to answer your questions about Wealthy Affiliate and how you can be a successful affiliate marketer.

Your success won’t happen overnight but it can happen.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Mina says:

    Very informative. Thanks!
    I didn’t see Clickbank this way. So, your post is really helpful.

    I have a question though– you said that, “if you do not make a sale in 90 days your account will be charged $1 a day” and so forth.
    When does happen? I mean, I signed up for clickbank but, never got to use or promote any product…

    So do you mean, I’m gonna be charged?

    • Strahinja says:


      I wanted to give my take on their company and all those products.

      Regarding your question, this only goes if you create an affiliate marketing account and you actually start promoting a product.


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