Is Cash For Patriots Program Legit

By Strahinja | Scam

Dec 19

If you are wondering is Cash For Patriots Program legit you are at the right place. Getting cash for being a patriot is one way to feel good about your belief in your your country.

The problem with reviewing these type of programs is that for every honest review, there is a review that supports these questionable money making schemes. Also, no one wants to be seen trashing patriots even if they are getting money for their support of their country.

Yet it must be done.

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Who Is Behind Cash For Patriots

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it is not the government. There is no official government program titled Cash for Patriots. If you had your hopes up that there was and that the government was actually doing this, sorry to disappoint you.

is cash for patriots program legit

The real man behind this program is not president Donald Trump. It is a man called Zach Scheidt and he works for an investment firm called Agora Financial. One positive that does come from this man is that he does continuously state that the money you receive from your investment comes from the private sector only.

Not only does he work for Agora he also heads up his own company called Scheidt Capital Management LLC. He is supposed to be a very respected financial consultant who knows ow to manage investments.

How It All Works

This is actually one of the many red flags that pop up about this investment program. It is not a government program where you simply fill out an application form, give the right documents then stay at home waiting for your check from the government.


Instead, you have to pay to play. Sign up costs is $149 which is for a lifetime membership. What this money actually gets you is not a check for almost $8,000 a month but access to a newsletter helping you invest your money.

In other words, this is not a program for those people who are poor or cannot afford to spend $149 on a newsletter. Plus, it is not a program where you work hard. It is an investment that helps you get dividends.

is cash for patriots program legit

Unfortunately, if you want an $8,000 monthly income you have to invest over a million dollars. To even get one check, you have to invest a lot of money in a special fund that enjoys special government tax breaks. One check of about $8,000 would cost about $120,000 of investment capital.

This is not a government program that is designed to help you out of your financial woes. You are just getting back, if you are lucky, some of what you put into the fund. Another red flag is in who can sign up to join this program.

is cash for patriots program legit

Since it is called Cash for Patriots you would conclude it is only open to Americans. But you would be mistaken. Anyone can join no matter their nationality and politics.

Is Cash For Patriots A Scam

The way this fund is promoted it seems that it is a scam. First, you have to pay for an alternative product to be able to receive information about Cash for Patriots. Second, while it is stated that this is not a government program, everything the advertising points to is that it is a government program.


What Cash for Patriots really turns out to be is a funnel page for the Lifetime Income Report. Something that is totally different from what you were looking for when you signed up.

There is a long video that talks about Cash for Patriots but somewhere along the line, the pitch changes and Mr. Scheidt talks only about the income report. It is similar to a bait and switch concept.

money graph

Another red flag that pops up at this time is the misleading information that you are given. There is supposedly almost 3 trillion dollars waiting to be distributed to those people who have the foresight to join.

Plus, you are told you should be able to get a check for about $7,980 every month yet the proof for both claims is basically non-existent. Names are given but they are common first names with only initials for last names. There is no verification process to use to see if those names are real.


These issues have many people thinking, including us, that it is a scam to get you to invest your nest egg into some pet financial projects Mr. Scheidt favors. You are certainly given the run around when it comes to getting the truth about the Cash for Patriots fund and its monetary payout.

Make Money The Old Fashioned Way

Programs like Cash for Patriots, if they sound too good to be true, they most certainly are. These programs are designed to get you involved in investments that may cost you your retirement savings.


Also when they use the government to get your involved, then there is definitely something fishy going on. But like the old commercials used to say, there is a way to make money the old fashioned way.

You can do this using modern methods and techniques but the money you earn is from your hard work and not some hyped up non-existence government program. It is called affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

To do affiliate marketing right, you should sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do they have the training and products to help you earn money honestly, they provide you with 2 free websites they help you build to get started.

You are not spending money you do not have nor are you dipping into your savings to get a foot in the door. What you are doing is learning from those who have gone before you and seeing what mistakes to avoid and what strategies to employ.

affiliate marketing training

There is no deceptive advertising as affiliate marketing is just what it claims to be. It is a way to make honest money the old fashioned way by earning it.

Thank you for reading.


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