Top 13 Ways To Make Your Blog More Attractive

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Aug 14
top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

Being attractive is a benefit.

That is why we are giving you the top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive. It is no secret that very attractive women get benefits that other people do not receive. The same principle applies to your blog as well.

The more attractive it is, the more benefits you should receive. Or at least the more visitors you will get to your website. With more visitors, you have the potential of having more people return over and over to your website.

The more people who return to your website, the higher your potential in getting paying customers. The prettier your website, the better the response. Just ask any pretty woman out there and you will see for yourself what looks can do for you and your website.

Why do you think women go to a beauty parlor? They want more attention. To update and upgrade the look of your website, just continue to read our article. It provides you with top tips to help your website look better than ever.

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Top 13 Ways To Make Your Blog More Attractive


#1. Use Thrive Themes

This website option provides you with a variety of tools you can employ to help make your website looking like a beautiful woman. It has WordPress plug-ins that help you customize your WordPress website.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

Plus, it comes with a drag and drop function, a WordPress editor tool, a tool to create full width landing pages, Thrive leads for e-mail enhancement and a lot more. It is a powerful website enhancement option that is worth checking out.

Also, it has the ability to analyze your headlines, making them more attention getting, as well as a variety of other tools that make your website stand out from the crowd.

You also get a lot of support when problems or challenges arise. Having top support ensures that your website looks are top notch.


#2. Typography Can Help You Create A Good Looking Header

All typography refers to is using the right style and size of fonts and colors when creating your headline. If your visitors can’t read your headline or you are using too weird of a font, you may turn more people off than you retain.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

Also, what looks good to you, may not look good to your visitors. Not everyone has the same taste as you do. Thus, you need to strike a balance between what you like and what your visitors think is attractive. The only word of caution here is that every visitor won’t have the same taste and you cannot please everyone.

In addition, you want to use colors that won’t clash with each other. While it is a great way to get someone’s attention, clashing colors do not help you or your website look good.


#3. Redesign Your Website Through The Proper Use Of Widgets

If you like using widgets that isn’t a problem. The difficulty comes in when you use too many and they focus on a variety of features that make your website look cluttered.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

Try to combine a lot of your sidebar content under one top producing widget that has a variety of functions. One widget that handles multiple tasks is better than multiple widgets doing only one task each.

Overcrowding is never attractive nor is it crowd pleasing. Just ask the customers of any Disney Amusements Park about what over-crowding does. You will understand why you need to trim some website fat and make it appear slender and stunning.

Slimming your web page down is one way to engage your visitors while making your website more interactive. Less is more they say and it needs to be practiced more often.


#4. Use A Previous And Next Feature

This helps direct your visitors to the next page of great content, or back to a web page they may have missed or want to re-read.  Having a next or previous button ensures that your web site looks better and makes it easier to navigate for your visitors.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive


How you design this feature will be up to your creative tastes. Just keep in mind your overall look and not implement the feature that detracts from that. It should fit in with the overall design and not be more attention getting than your headline.

The simpler your website is to use the better it is for you and your visitors. You never know what good little things you have on your web page, like the previous or next function, will do for you and your sales.


#5. Make Sure Your Content Is Readable

Your content may sound good and look okay to you but no one likes to read gibberish or content that does not look that great. It has been said that visitors spend on average about 15 seconds on a website. You do not want to shorten their visit by having unreadable content.


Plus, unreadable content is a sure fire way of keeping your initial visitors from becoming repeat customers. There are good methods to use to keep your material readable.

You can use bullet points, numbered sections, tables, charts, and even good looking sub titles. All of these combine with well written and coherent content to make your website attractive.

Also, top quality images will help. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so take advantage of that and make good use of the best images you can get.


#6. Create An Impact By Your Website Design

“You get what you pay for” is an old saying you should let guide you as you create a website or blog design. Paying less is no guarantee that you will have a quality website or blog design that makes an impact on your visitors.

web developer

Usually, it sends a message that you are too cheap and you do not respect your visitors that much. Good design combines with your typography selections, your social media icons, your website speed and other factors to make your website look good to your visitors.

You want your overall theme and design to look its best while attracting a wide audience. That means every little detail counts including using a custom theme over a stock one that is free.


#7. Look Professional

Not only does this option show respect to your visitors, it says a lot about you and your business. There is a reason why businessmen wear good looking suits and ties. It builds confidence in their clients and helps make them look up to the task at hand.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

It is the same with your website. It needs to look and read professional if you want to develop confidence in your visitors that you are up to the task of presenting them with good products to use.

Stay away from talking about your cat, bashing other products or ranting about every day activities almost all people must perform. You will scare people away and look like an amateur who only wants to share personal details. Stick to promoting top quality products and content that will help your visitors.

Being professional is the way to look very attractive.


#8. A Few Words About Google Adsense

Don’t use it if you can afford not to. Yes, it may generate some extra income but it does not present a very professional look nor an attractive one. You do not want to look cheap as that look is not very attractive. It also attracts the wrong visitor element to your website.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

The question to ask yourself is are you satisfied with Google’s table scraps or do you want to focus on making a lot more money? If the answer is positive to the latter part of that question, then get rid of Google Adsense and focus on promoting your products in the best way possible.


#9. Stay On Topic

Going off on tangents, creating rants, talking about very personal and private aspects of your life are things you need to stay away from. People are not looking to read what they can get just about anywhere they look, or from their friends for free.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

They look to you to provide them with on topic content that will bring some value to their lives. Going off topic or being sidetracked by the temptation to rant or talk about private things is a good way to look like the ugly step sisters of Cinderella.

Staying on topic and providing great content is the way to make your website look like Cinderella herself.


#10. Let Your Blog Teach Something New

Bringing new information almost every time you post is a great way to look good. Your visitors will soon realize that your blog is valuable and saying something important. That makes both you and your website look better than ever.

guy smiling with laptop

The ways to create a learning atmosphere is to interact with your visitors, write top tips that help your visitors and so on. Give them something new so they have a reason to visit your site.  

If you want your blog to look good, then make sure you do not repeat things and avoid repeating old news. Looks aren’t all in the design but what you say and how you say it.


#11. Keep Ads To A Minimum

Your visitors are inundated with ads and commercials every day. The T.V. has too many, so does their favorite radio stations, the magazines they read, as well as billboards and their Internet surfing.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

Just put enough ads on your blog to keep it interesting and to help you promote those products you represent. Remember that less is more and the better your ads look, the more likely people will click on them.

Just do not overwhelm them with ads as you will look money hungry as well and that is not an attractive look to have. You want to make money, not look like you're as greedy as a bad politician.


#12. Talk About Yourself

You do not have to be long winded or very worded. A short bio on an About Us page will do the trick. People like to get to know the person they are dealing with and that helps them trust you and your content a lot better.

top 13 ways to make your blog more attractive

The way to build that confidence and trust in your visitors is to be short, sweet but fill the content with the right details. You can put a little section on the bottom of each post called, About the Author with a little picture of yourself.

Those little sections if done tastefully, will spruce up the look of your blog and make you and your blog look better than ever.


#13. Dress Up Your Comment Section

Your visitors, if they are like normal people, like to say a few words about your content, topic, website or just state their opinion. Making this section look nice is a great way to dress up your blog and make it look like a fashion model.


Just make sure that it fits in with your overall design and theme of your blog. A good looking comment section is one way to have your visitors return as well as having them think how great your blog looks. It will make your site memorable also.

Paying attention to all the little details ensures that your blog will look good and be very attractive.


An Honorable Mention


Use Good Images


People like to look at good photos. It makes them feel better and helps them appreciate your blog a lot better. A picture can say a lot more than you can without making your visitors strain their eyes or work too hard.


Some Final Words

There are a lot more ways to make your blog look good on top of these 13. But this list should get you started on the right path to making your blog look better than your competitors’.


If you have any questions just ask us. We will be glad to help you out with more tips.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite strategy to make your blog more attractive to your visitors.


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    Good points. You have a lot of useful recommendation. One thing I would like to implement is the next and previous buttons. Thanks for this. All the best!

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    Hey Strahinja, thanks for the tips on how to make a more attractive blog! I especially liked #10, as being able to provide value for your readers is super important.

    It’s always about what you can offer others that really grabs and keeps their attention 🙂

    I’ll take some pointers here and use them to improve my own blog in the days to come.

    Thanks for the help and best of luck in your affiliate work!

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