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Oct 30
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Blogging is a trained skill.

Unless you are a natural writer, you need to learn how to blog and learn to do it well. People are not as dumb as some others have made them out to be. They know the difference between top quality and low quality content.

They also know the difference between when someone knows what they are talking about and when they don’t. You may fool some of the people some of the time, but you won’t fool them all and that would be bad for business.

Take a few moments of your time and read through our 13 tips on how to blog like a pro. They better you get, the better your reputation will be and your traffic should start to increase.

Getting tips to do something well, like blogging, is not wrong. Always be a learner and that applies to writing your blog. These tips may help you shore up some weak spots in your blogging style.


13 Easy Tips To Better Blogging

#1. Be Yourself

A lot of people want to be actors and actresses. This desire shows up in their blogging style. The fake sincerity, and other negative characteristics come through their words loud and clear. Don’t worry, many people besides you spot that fake way of writing.

how to blog like a pro

What you need to do when you write is just be yourself. Add a few personal touches to make your words appear even more real. Plus, making your blog a little more personal helps it stand out from the crowd and be unique.

You do not have to worry about the topics you write on, at least not that much. There is always an audience for your writing somewhere on the Internet. It may take time but you will find your audience soon enough.

Just be patient and focus on the quality of your content to capture your visitors’ interest.

#2. Give Yourself Some Exposure

This does not mean that you reveal your personal information to the world. That needs to remain a closely guarded secret that even the CIA can’t find. What it means is, put the best picture of you up on your website.


People like to get to know the authors they read. It brings a connection and helps them trust you a lot more. Also, you can put a biographical blurb on your website to make sure your readers start to feel comfortable with you.

Then it is not wrong to use a fake identity. You want to protect your privacy while still showing a little of yourself to the world. Don’t worry, if the truth comes out, your audience may not be as condemning as you imagine.

In fact they may be more forgiving as they understand about protecting one’s privacy.

#3. Add Value To The Discussion

It is said that there may be as many as 60 million different blogs on the Internet. That makes for a lot of conversations, debates, and discussion opportunities. With that many opinions, you need to make sure you add something of value to the conversation.


Do a little quality research to make sure you know what to say and be able to back up your words. You also need to find something new and interesting to say. It is not hard for the followers of those 60 million blogs to fact check your contribution and call you on it if you are making things up or distorting the issue.

Be an expert and not someone who does not know what they are talking about. That takes a little work yet in the long run it will be worth it. You should gain more readers as well.

#4. Take Notes

That way you won’t forget about interesting ideas, topics, or events that have come to mind or have crossed your path. Taking noted when they happen allows you time to develop those options and make sure you have the facts before you write.

how to blog like a pro

You also won’t forget them them either. Once you take notes, you do not have to write about them right away. You can delay publication and use them when you have time.

You can schedule them in and write at your convenience. On top of that you can always have something on hand to say when you run out of topics to write about. Taking notes is vital to being a professional blog writer.

Notes also help you find the right links to use as you research those topics and do your own searches.

#5. Write Frequently

As they say ‘practice makes perfect’. You need to write often not only to get better at your writing style and correct beginner mistakes. But also to provide your reading audience with new material that keeps them coming back for more.

how to blog like a pro

Weekends traffic seems to slow down as people have other things to do with their time when they have a day off or two. You may want to skip writing and posting on the weekends because of this. Also, you need time off yourself. That way you can be fresh and full of energy when you write during the week.

Then the practice of writing helps clarify your mind and let you smooth out your writing style. You can say what you think clearly and ensure that your audience understands what point you are trying to make.

#6. Keep A Writing Schedule

Writing at the same time every day helps you stay focused. You need to find the right time for you and make sure you stick to that writing schedule. There is no set time when you should write. You need to pick that time and make sure it fits in with who you are and your work schedule.


On top of that having a set time to write helps with your discipline. Writing like a pro takes discipline and even in these little details a little discipline will go along way.

In today’s world too many ‘journalists’ focus on getting anything out so they can say they are a published author. That is not how you write like a pro. You need to take your time and be disciplined because good writing is not always easy to do.

#7. Make Sure To Use Variety

First, in your writing styles. You can mix long articles with short ones. Or do list articles, news pieces or what other topics and styles help you get your point across. Not every thing you write has to be longer than 2000 words. Sometimes they can be 1000 or 1500 words long.


Second, you can vary the topic a little bit. While staying within your expertise or niche, you can write articles about different related topics. Or you can produce fact sheets and so on.

Varying your blog helps keep your readers’ interest and lets you be more like a professional blogger. People do not want to read the same thing every day nor do they have time to read long detailed accounts.

Keep your reader’s interest levels in mind when you choose how long you are going to write and on what topic.

#8. Redesign Your Blog

If your current blog looks ugly, unprofessional and so on, then you are not going to get the quality audience you want to read your blog. You may get no one reading your blog if it is sloppy and badly written.


How your blog looks is a reflection on you and your content. That is why you want it looking its best at all times. You do not have to think outside the box to do this. You can just do normal decorative and design styles that demonstrate that you are a professional blogger and you have your readers’ interests at heart.

If you are not sure if your blog looks good or not, get some help. A female friend may offer some great insights as to matching colors and some web designers can bring you some web page designs that look good.

#9. Don’t Lie

Professional bloggers have honesty, character and integrity. They do not purposefully lie to their readers and make sure that their content does not misrepresent an issue or distort the facts. Lying is not a good way to build trust as once your readers find out, they will leave you very quickly.

fair business

Plus, if you change the facts to please certain people, you are only compromising yourself and ruing your work. Pleasing people is not your go as a professional blogger. Telling the truth and not misrepresenting anything are.

Being completely honest may surprise you in how much your confidence grows and your ability to say know improves.

#10. Don’t Hog The Credit

Make sure to give credit where credit is due. This helps you build good Internet friendships and has people wanting to work with you. It also builds your self confidence because you do not have to worry about being overshadowed. Your readers will see this good characteristic in you and applaud your efforts.


Then, keep in mind that only shallow people refuse to credit others or hog all the credit. They may be insecure and can’t handle the fact that others get the praise they think they deserve. Don’t be like that and make sure to be honest when you give credit to others.

#11. Set Realistic Goals

Don’t reach for the stars if you haven’t reached the moon yet. In other words, keep the goals for your blog realistic. Once you have reached those goals set more a little higher but keep those in the realm of reality as well.

how to blog like a pro

Goals also help you create content. They guide your research and make sure you are headed in the right direction. Then make sure all your goals are aligned and not counteracting each other. This includes your social media goals as well.

#12. Develop A Working Strategy

You do not have to be very detailed here. A simple strategy should suffice in the beginning and you can always add more details as your blog gets better. You want to make sure you have a good clear strategy so you can target the right audience and make sure they get the content they want.

go for it

A good simple strategy is to identify your audience, then what benefit will they get from reading your material. Finally, what kind of angle do you want to bring to your readers. A good strategy does not need to be complicated or difficult.

#13. Find Your Niche

You may do all of the above but if you do not find your niche your voice probably will not be heard. That is because you are outside of a topic that you know little about or have any interest in.

find you customer

To write like a professional blogger you have to have an interest in the niche and know something about it. To find your niche write down different topics and see how many titles you can come up with for each topic.

The one with the most titles is generally going to be your niche.

Some Final Words

To write like a professional blogger takes a little time, a little patience and a lot of practice. Implementing the above tips will help you as well. Keep in mind that quality content is king.

earn money doing what you love

If you do not have top content or valuable information then you may be wasting your time. You can’t write good articles if you do not know what you are talking about or have an interest in the topic.

Then make sure to be consistent and write often at the same time. This will help your creative juices and give you time to find interesting tidbits, events etc., to write about.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite tip from our list.


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  • Kat says:

    Hi Strahinja, thanks for sharing these tips. I hadn’t thought of posting blogs during the week but it makes sense. I have been having trouble with writing my blogs regularly lately, life has been getting busy at times, so consistency has been a challenge. I like your suggestion to find a writing schedule. It’s always good to be yourself in your writing style too, people can tell when you’re being fake and it won’t help build trust. You’ve highlighted really valuable ideas here.

  • nate says:

    Hey Strahinja,

    Some great tips here, I think something really important that a lot of people overlook is being themselves.

    It makes a massive difference to an article when you see someone’s personality coming through in the article, it make it far easier to connect with.

    I also like the idea of a schedule, I’m not always the best at getting content out frequently, so that is something I’d definitely benefit from!

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