How To Blog And Earn Money?

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Jul 02
how to blog and earn money

More and more people every day are learning how to blog and earn money. Blogging is a great creative outlet for a wide variety of topics and interests. It's also quickly becoming a good way to earn extra income in your spare time. For some, blogging has even become a full-time career.

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Here are a few ways that you can become a professional blogger:


1. Selling Private Ads

how to blog and earn money

One way that niche bloggers succeed is through selling private ads to individuals and companies. Some advertisers come to them directly to inquire about advertising on their blog site. Others are sought out by bloggers who are trying to reach new markets. The nice things about this option is that you have direct control over ad content and pricing.

There are several ways to sell private ads:

  • You can write sponsored posts that feature the advertiser's goods and services. The article could also be a review about a particular product or product line. Some of them can even offer giveaways or trial versions of popular items.
  • You can sell advertising banners, links or buttons on your blog site.
  • You can write sponsored articles and post them on your site. Here you're free to write about whatever topics you'd like. Each sponsored article would have a "sponsored by" section or link to the advertisers' web page. You can also write blog posts that use targeted key words that are chosen by the advertiser.
  • You can also sell ad or sponsorship space on your email newsletter.

2. Selling Cost Per Click Or Cost Per Impression Ads

One of the most common ways to monetize your blog is by selling ads that have different price rates depending on the number of click throughs or the number of impressions. The most popular methods of are cost per click ads and cost per impression ads.


Cost per click ads (also referred to as pay per click ads) are either box ads or banners on your blog site. Each time a reader clicks on that particular ad, you get paid. Payments are usually disbursed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Cost per impression ads, or CPM ads, pay a set rate based on a given number of impressions. Usually payment is set per thousand impressions, or views of an ad. Payments for this method are often distributed on a bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly basis.

You can set up these ads yourself, or you can rely on other media companies to do the work for you. Companies like Chitika, Google Adsense and Infolinks will find ads related to your blog content and post them to your site once you have space for the banner ads.

Viewers click on your ads, and you make money just like that!

It is highly recommended that you have an attractive blog design and layout. Read more about that in the linked article.

3. Selling Memberships 

Another way to profit from your blog site is by selling memberships for exclusive access to content on your site. You can establish payments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can even choose tiered levels of pricing, with each level granting users different levels of access to content on your site.

sign up

Your content should be unique and noteworthy. Using old content, recycled articles or outdated links are good ways to drive customers elsewhere. People who are paying a premium want value for their money.

They expect to see updated, engaging content that is relevant to their industry or interests. This may take a little more time and effort than other methods, but it's a good way of building rapport and loyalty with your customers.

Creating email campaigns that convert is also very important aspect of blogging. Check our article to learn more about that.


4. Add Affiliate Links

Many bloggers have embraced affiliate marketing in recent years. Affiliate marketing is partnering with another company to sell products and services and receiving income.

monetizing website

Here's how affiliate marketing works for bloggers:

  1. A company has a product or service to sell. You agree to advertise those items on your site in exchange for a commission on each item sold. These products are usually sold through banner ads or links to the advertiser's website.
  2. Ads are placed on your site. You are given an affiliate code by the marketer to track sales, so that you and the marketer both know exactly what sales are coming as a result of these ads. They are also a good source of demographic information. The advertiser may have a series of different ads for you to place on your blog site in order for them to reach different market segments.
  3. You can also include the affiliate company's link on your page. You can either do this in blog posts with featured content or through banner ads on your site. Each time a person clicks on the ad or ad link and buys the products that were recommended, you receive a commission as a percentage of that sale.
how to blog and earn money

You can work out these arrangements directly with affiliate marketers, or you can partner with search engine advertising networks such as Yahoo, Google or Amazon, for example. They are simple and effective ways to make more money quickly with very minimal effort.

If you really want to learn how to blog and earn money, do not skip adding affiliate links into your content.

5. You Can Sell Your Own Products On Your Site

If you're not interested in affiliate marketing or just don't want the hassle of working with other companies to make money from your site, you can always sell your own products and services directly through your blog site.

Physical products, online courses, apparel with your brand name and logo on them and plugins or apps are just some of the more popular product choices that bloggers prefer.

how to blog and earn money

If you choose this route, just make sure that you have items that the public will be interested in buying. There's nothing worse than establishing an online marketplace only to have no customers.

Take the time to listen to your clients and understand their own wants and needs before offering things for them to buy. Having products and services that appeal to their interests can soon make your site much more appealing and profitable.

You should also make sure that you have a web store that's easy to use and navigate. Whether you're using a third party vendor of doing everything yourself, it should be very simple for customers to order merchandise and pay for their purchases.

There should also be a link to either a customer service email or chat icon in case someone has questions about their order or has had problems with their shipment.


6. Social Media Advertising

how to blog and earn money

You've probably seen a lot of sponsored content on your social media pages lately. These are forms of social media advertising that people have been using more and more frequently to increase likes and followers and drive more traffic to your blog page.

Your social media posts should be a lot like your blog posts. They should be entertaining and informative. Each social media ad should generate enthusiasm and interest about who you are and what you write about. Keep things light, don't saturate your ads with tons of content. Keep them simple, and add a few visuals or a video to draw attention to yourself.


7. Selling Services

Some bloggers go beyond just their website. Many have courses, lectures, freelancing, serving as a virtual assistant and other services. Services can be offered either virtually, locally or both. Services are usually very easy to sell to interested parties. There's little to no setup time or costs involved.

how to blog and earn money

They are also very easy to schedule and bill. Just make sure that you bill your clients accordingly for your time, including time for research, preparation and any materials that you may need to purchase.

It's often a good idea to have a contract in writing, so that everything is spelled out and you can be adequately compensated for additional expenses or time spent on a particular job.


8. Acting As A Guest Blogger

Another popular way to become successful financially at blogging is by being a guest blogger. You can be seen as an industry expert, and write targeted pieces that either review a certain product or service or recommend a particular company's product line. With enough practice and effort, you'll soon be drafting pieces that hardly seem like advertising.

earn money doing what you love

You can also charge other writers to serve as guest bloggers on your website. Guest bloggers are usually paid a nominal fee per article or per month to write articles on a variety of topics. Each article should have a link to the company's website for the products or services they are endorsing. This is a good way to increase brand recognition and awareness.

These are just some of the most common ways that bloggers incorporate advertising to make money from their blogs. Keep in mind that it can often take quite a bit of time to start turning a profit.

You may not see considerable income from these or other marketing efforts for several weeks or months. If a particular form of advertising isn't achieving the type of results that you expected, feel free to switch things up or try a different approach.


Blogging is a good way to express what you want to say. Many people are interested in reading new articles, hearing other people's opinions and finding out about different goods and services.

Blogging lets people share their advice and experiences with people around the world. Partnering with different companies to advertise on your blog site exposes you to new people and new markets every day. It can help turn your love of writing into a very satisfying career.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite strategy.


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  • Kenny says:

    I don’t have a favorite strategy since I haven’t gotten to that point yet in my training, but all of these ideas are great ideas to be considered separately or even as a combined “cover all your bases” strategy.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Kenny.

      Thank you for the comment.

      I am really glad you found my strategies useful.

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  • Aria Len says:

    These are excellent tips. I remember when I first started blogging I was terrified to include text links in my content.

    In my particular niche, text links and banners along with including links through photos is getting me a lot more click through action than just banners alone.

    What other tips for earning money with a blog would you give to a beginner if you could only give the top 10 tips?

  • Donna Rayne says:

    Loved your article. Lot’s of great advice that I can use to help my website.

    Being a new blogger is really tough and most times there is no one to help you.

    Your article is very helpful and I appreciate you sharing!

    I’m going to read more of your articles!

    Thank you,
    Donna Rayne

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