How To Become Amazon Affiliate?

By Strahinja | News

Mar 24

How to become an Amazon affiliate is a question asked by many people. Amazon associates commonly known as Amazon affiliate platform is a marketing program. 

Bloggers and website owners do not have to pay for any fee to become amazon associates. All they need to do is create some links on their sites to market or advertise products found on

Once you get a client who would love to buy any of the products that you have advertised and he or she clicks on your link, then you will referral fee for every purchase a customer makes.

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What is Amazon Associates all About?

The Amazon affiliate platform or Amazon associates is an easy way that one can use to monetize a blog or website. You can easily make a lot of money through the Amazon after becoming an associate. 

how to become amazon affiliate

You can easily sign up, receive an approval immediately, and then place an Amazon affiliate link or links on your website today. Once there is a person who will use your link to make a purchase on Amazon, you will be awarded a commission. It is that simple and the best way for one to make money on the Internet.

Amazon is one of the best websites where people get to purchase their items, then there are thousands of sellers selling their products through Amazon. This is some of the things that you need to consider as you become an Amazon affiliate.

Because of this the chances for making a sale are big and small at the same time. Big because so many people buy on Amazon and small because usually there is a lot of competition. 

Whatever the case may be, Amazon associates is one of the best ways to profit online.

How to Start?

The following are guidelines for someone who does not know how to become an Amazon affiliate.

how to become amazon affiliate

1. Create a Blog or a Website

For one to become an Amazon affiliate, he or she must have an active app, blog, YouTube channel or a website. There would be an advantage when one has already pre-populated his or hers site with information so that it appears authentic and active to both Amazon and users.

Note that, you must be in a position of describing the main purpose of your blog or website at some point in your application process. So it is good to make sure you have a firm idea of the main reason you are creating the site, how you will bring traffic, and the audience you will be targeting.

2. Visit the Amazon Affiliate Homepage

It is time for you to create an Amazon affiliate account. All you need to do is follow the following two simple steps keenly.

how to become amazon affiliate
  • Visit the Amazon Affiliate homepage and click on “Join Now for Free”
  • You will be allowed to log in to an Amazon account if you already have one or get to create one for those who do not have one already.

3. Build an Amazon Affiliate Profile

how to become amazon affiliate

After signing into the Amazon account, you must click on “New Customer”, then start building your affiliate account. Follow the following steps to do this.

  • Feed in your account information on the spaces provided. Include your address, payee phone number, and name.
  • Enter your blog, website address, apps, or YouTube channels.
  • Enter a preferred store ID which is usually the same as the primary name that you used as your website name. You also need to explain the things that your website hopes to achieve, then select some Amazon topics that your links will target more.
  • You must explain the different means that you will use when it comes to driving traffic to the site. You need to give clear ideas on how you will make sure that lots of people will get to use or visit your websites, how the apps or websites will generate some income for you, how you build your links, and the number of visitors brought in by your site each month.
  • Enter a valid phone number preferably yours. After you have entered the phone number, you need to press on “Call Me Now,” then wait for a call from Amazon that is done immediately. The caller will ask you to put a four-digit code. Once you are through with that, then the account will be accepted.
  • You need to state your preferred payment method. You have the right to choose either a credit card or the tax ID info. Proceed to the dashboard.
amazon associates traffic

4. Create Some Amazon Affiliate links

After you have created the account, you will be directed to your own associate homepage. You will find the performance dashboard that you are supposed to be using. Your dashboard will include your earnings, total clicks that you have from customers, and a monthly summary.

Through your dashboard, you will be searching for the relevant items that you will link to from your content.

Create The Amazon Affiliate Link

  • You may choose between “Browse for Product” or “Quick Links: Search for Product”.
  • Choosing the “Quick Links: Search for Product” option will let you search for a specific item keyword.
  • “Browse for Product” option will allow one to search for items via some categories such as, “Health & Beauty,” “Books,” and “Video”.
  • After you have found the product that you wanted, click on the “Get Link” button.
  • You must customize the link by selecting an add that has an image and text, image only, text only, or widget.
  • According to the link type, you must choose a title color, background color, and size of the image you need.
  • You must be careful, and preview the link before you add it to the website.
  • The last thing that you must do is, copy and paste the link, HTML, or short link copy then place it on the site.

You will have the account approved for only 180 days. During this time, you need to make at least a single sale or have the account closed. Sometimes, you might find out that you need to make some alterations to your site and if you are not able to meet the quota, you are free reapply for the program.

Although is relatively easy to become Amazon associate, not everyone is able to be in this position for long. Still, there are many who are very successful up to this day. 

The secret behind becoming a successful affiliate is not known to everyone. However, once you have some of the things you need to avoid or do, you will be happy to be an Amazon affiliate member for long and get to enjoy the profits involved.

How to Become a Fruitful Amazon Affiliate  

Avoid choosing any product for your website. You need to be honest with the expectations of your audience. The age of your site should not be a matter in this. You must pick a product that you need to promote according to your content.

5 stars

Consider the selection of your product. Avoid posting any product you find related to your niche. You will automatically lose the trust of your readers once they visit your website and what they get is two or three stars from other visitors. This is likely to make people run away from using your site when buying products.

You need to feature products that you love, that are high quality or bestsellers. Whenever there is a flaw, you must ensure you have pointed it out and allowed your readers to decide if it is a minor inconvenience or a deal-breaker for them.

high quality

Be unique. Do not do things the same way other people are doing it. You might find that in a certain period, most people are using the same topic to advertise their products. Rather than using the same common topics to sell or market a product, try to be unique and come up with a creative topic.

However, make sure that the topic you come up with is customer friendly, such as ""Top 20 Best Phones for Broke Students". This way you will attract clients to click and buy from your links.

Mix the high end and inexpensive. Most of the people who want to do well as an Amazon associate make mistake by going for broke clients. Not everyone will love to purchase cheap items. Some people believe that cheap is expensive and might be of low quality.


To make sure you accommodate all groups of people you need to mix up the prices to get people moving. It will surprise you how many clicks you will get.

Allow Amazon to close the sale. No need for high pressure in this business. Inform the person reading your page and allow Amazon to close the sale.

It will be easy for Amazon to recommend some complimentary products, show alternatives as well as push the free shipping. You need to take it easy and allow them to do the heavy duties for you.

Benefits Of Becoming An Amazon Affiliate Member

Amazon is the best place where affiliate marketers can get to earn good commissions. All they need to do is refer to some potential clients to the Amazons website to buy goods.

Since this affiliate program was started by Amazon many years back, a lot of people have been joining the platform due to the benefits they get.

affiliate marketing income

Those who have not yet joined or tried this program might not know what happens. The following are some of the biggest benefits that people get to enjoy from the Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon Is A Trusted Online Shopping Platform

If you are beginner in the affiliate marketing it would be good to choose Amazon affiliate program to start earning good money., being a well-known brand, will ensure that most people across the world trust it more. One does not have to worry about his or hers income since Amazon has been in online business for many years making it reliable.


Best Source of Income

Being a member of Amazon Affiliate platform, all you need to do is refer the people who visit your website to Amazon page where they will find some products. Once they buy any of the products, you will automatically get a commission of the cost of goods that have been bought. By not using a lot of money one can get to earn a lot of money by just selling products.

You Get To Make Money Both Offline And Online

Amazon Affiliate is a program that allows people to make  money even when they are not online. What you need to do is ensure you have done the needed actions required when signing in to the program so that you are able to make money whenever people get to buy goods through your link. A client does not know when the website owner is online or offline. Their main aim is to purchase goods.

how to become amazon affiliate

Easy To Become A Member

The program is free for one to join. It allows even a newbie bloggers to create additional income. The procedures of joining the program are clear and precise for anyone to understand and follow. Once you are a successful member, you will be provided with all the banners and links you will need or come up with successful campaigns. All you need to do is copy the affiliate link.

You must avoid joining any affiliate program that might ask you for any fee. Avoid losing your money to potential scammers.

Buyers Purchase More Than One Product From The Platform

The best thing about being an affiliate member is that you will not earn from combined products that people buy, but from each product that is bought through your link.

Amazon has a lot of offers for their clients. Most people want to receive the offers hence they have to meet the target. Also, in most cases buying more than one product or buying products worth a certain amount will get you a free shipping. Most people will want to achieve this, hence they will buy the products in bulk to receive some discount. This will earn you more commission.

Payment Methods

Amazon rewards its affiliates in different ways. One of the most preferred ways is when you get a chance of getting products from Amazon instead of money. This is a good way of receiving your payment because you will be able to get durable and best products in the world.

However, you are not limited to this one payment method. You can also choose to get some cash. Most people prefer the shopping payment mode at one time and the cash at other. Products payment is preferred especially when you have seen an item being sold and you are in need of it.

how to become amazon affiliate

This Is A Good Investment That Will Mature As Time Goes By

Most people love joining Amazon affiliate since you can treat it like your investment or savings account that you put little amount every week and it grows over time.

Most people do this and make sure that they do not withdraw any amount of money from their account over time until they have a lot of money to start another project. During this time, you can get to invest by adding more links as a way of creating more doorways into the store.

Availability Of Many Products

What attracts most people to Amazon affiliate is the range of products they have in the system. This is a good opportunity for bloggers to find products that match their blogs focus. Other affiliate programs, do not have a wide range of products for bloggers to choose from. This is a nice opportunity for one to attract clients with different tastes. 

credit card payment

It Is The Best In Reporting

The Amazons affiliate reporting system is well-structured to help one analyze as well as track sales and clicks. Also, you will be able to see the exact time and where the sales or clicks occurred. In short, you have the ability to monitor your websites overall performance making this program the best for you.


Bloggers love Amazon affiliate program because it has user-friendly and simple interface. Meaning the features are similar to plugins and web tools which are usable on a website or blog. You have the right to maximize your commissions by adding your reach to the buyers through social media sites. There is also an amazing customer support services provided there.

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Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about Amazon and their affiliate program.

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  • Daniel says:

    I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Amazon is surely one of the most trusted affiliates networks and I saw many make $10000+ per month by just promoting Amazon products. I am their affiliate for 2 years and I am more than satisfied. Definitely recommend to everyone who wants to earn cash online with affiliate marketing.

  • Nigel Robinson says:

    I’ve been an Amazon affiliate before, but as you say, you need to have created sales before they close your account. 3 sales is what they’re after in 180 days, which I was unable to achieve. For this reason, I’m not signing up again until I’m getting a lot more traffic to my website. No traffic equals no sales.

  • Thomas S. says:

    This should help a lot of people out.  I have seen numerous online posts where people have had a hard time becoming an affiliate for some reason.  Something to remember though, if you don’t have the traffic yet, Amazon will cancel your account if you don’t have sales in a certain amount of time.  Something to think about.  Have you run into this problem at all?  Something that might be considered by people with new sites.  What would you recommend in this case?

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Thomas and thank you for your comment. Thankfully, with my 2nd blog I joined Amazon once I started getting decent amounts of traffic which resulted with sales.

      Best regards.


  • Joseph Stasaitis says:

    I enjoyed your article on how to become an Amazon associate since I had no idea about any of this before.  Good job describing the details.

    It’s good to know this is a good way to monetize a blog.  You can good step-by-step information on how to start the process of marketing product through Amazon.

    The images are very helpful in understanding the process.  And yes I agree that there are many benefits in becoming an Amazon associate.  Much appreciated.  Thanks.

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