What Is Atomy Cosmetics?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Sep 22
what is atomy cosmetics

MLM companies are like cockroaches.

Once you expose one to the light you think your job is done. But dig a little deeper or move a piece of furniture, you find a thousand more just like the first one hiding where they can.

This is the same thing with MLM companies. You think you got them all and suddenly you flip an Internet web page and you find that you only have exposed a drop in the MLM bucket.

Today’s subject is Atomy Cosmetics and it is a company that has not been in existence for very long.

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Some Atomy History

Back in 2009 Park, Han-Gil started the company in Korea. It has since moved its head office to Federal Way in Washington state. Over the years the company has expanded into Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia and Japan. They also hope to branch further out into China and South America.

what is atomy cosmetics

The company gets its motivation from Mr. Park’s philosophy of absolute quality, absolute price. Its focus on automation has reduced its labor costs over the years helping to make the brand more profitable.

From its humble roots, the company’s products have been quite successful reaching roughly 130 to 140 billion in Korean money. One red flag that we have seen as we researched the company’s history is that we have come across 3 different landing pages for Atomy.

mlm rankings

The fact that it is an MLM corporation is another red flag. A third red flag is the lack of information. It is very difficult to get any information about the company from a variety of sources.

The lack of transparency should be a concern to anyone who wants to sell their products.


The Atomy Products

Like other cosmetics companies, Atomy Cosmetics focuses on beauty. Their use of the Korean beauty reputation helps them sell their products in a variety of markets as traditionally Korean women have been see as very beautiful.

what is atomy cosmetics

Like other MLM companies, Atomy cosmetics rely on those vanity products most people are interested in. They have a personal care line, beauty care, a health care line and a home care line.

We looked at the cost of the their products and we found their personal care products to be very reasonably priced. They are affordable and practical. In contrast, the health care products are not affordable and can be found in the hundred dollar range, with a couple down around the $20 mark. Then the beauty products are a bit on the high end side with a couple down a little lower to tempt you to buy.

what is atomy cosmetics

Like other MLM companies, Atomy focuses on the standard beauty and health products like vitamins, make up and so on. They also do toothbrushes and other items like that.

So while their personal care product line is abnormal for an MLM company, the other lines are in line with standard MLM pricing. One thing about their products is that there are few complaints about them.


The reports we have seen have been very favorable and people seem to genuinely like them. That is a good mark for the company. Another one is that they do make and market products for men. No one is left out of this company.

What is strange is that the home care button does not lead to more products. It leads a person to their join Atomy information. The company’s website does say that the products are made with organic herbs to help your skin be and feel better.

Plus they use Korean and Nano technology to help make their products as good as they can be. Atomy does claim you will see amazing results once you try their products.


Signing Up At Atomy

If you want to work for the company sign up is not too difficult. There are two basic requirements. The first is that you have to be over 18 at the time you submit your application.

what is atomy cosmetics

The other is that you have to make at least one purchase a year to remain an active sales rep. There is more good news. You do not have to buy a starter kit, no monthly mandatory purchases are required and no monthly fees to pay.

Plus, your membership ID is good for any market that Atomy is found in. It gets even better. There is no minimum purchases required, no automatic reordering nor auto shipping. You are not spending a lot of money to be a sales rep for Atomy.

what is atomy cosmetics

On top of all that you can cancel your employment at any time. But with the few markets the company is sin, you do have a chance on getting in on the ground floor and being a top sales rep, near the top of the pyramid.

At least that is what the company has said. Finally, to sign up, you do need a sponsor and have their i.d. ready to submit to the company when you make your application. The one black eye to this seemingly good picture is that they do have about 2 1/2 million sales reps already even though their market is not that large.

what is atomy cosmetics

The other black mark would be the sales pitch to get you to sign up. It is standard MLM speak and it sounds too good to be true, especially with the high amount of competition you have waiting for you.


Making Money With Atomy

While Atomy sounds good to be associated with, it is an MLM company and its compensation plan is structured like any MLM corporation. You earn money in a couple of ways.

what is atomy cosmetics

First, you have to do your retail sales. For which you are assessed an amount of point values for every product you sell. If you recruit, then you will be getting point values from their sales.

Of course, you need to develop 2 legs of recruits to maximize your earnings. This need to recruit will turn a lot of people off but if you can do it, you have the potential to earn some money but only if you understand and can accept their compensation plan.

what is atomy cosmetics

You can find it at this link. Now you have 5 levels you can climb up in order to make the most out of your time with the company. The lowest rank is sales rep and to move out of that level you need to get 299,000 PV. The next level is Agent and you need at least 600,000 PV to move up.

Next is special agent and the PV amount is 1.4 million, and the dealer stage is 3 million which gets you to the exclusive distributor stage. This is a very basic explanation of their ranks and their compensation plan explains it better.

what is atomy cosmetics

There are also what are called master promotions and incentives but these are as complicated as any MLM compensation bonus and we will let their compensation link explain it to you.

Needless to say the potential of earnings is thrown in your face to entice you to sign up and sell their product. There is a commission sales cap which means that you can be paid only up to 35% of the total product sales income.


Problems With Atomy

As good as it sounds, there are some issues and problems you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line. Here is a list of some of those problems:

what is atomy cosmetics
  1. Lack of training - while it is your business and you can make as much or as little as you want, you do not get the support you need to be a success. You are on your own after you sign up.
  2. Hard to generate leads - you need to recruit if you want to make money and to be frank, Atomy Cosmetics is just one company in an over-crowded field of cosmetics companies.
  3. You get an online mall to use - but this may not be a big help as Atomy does not drive a lot of traffic your way.
  4. You are blamed for your failure - like most MLM companies, if you fail it may be all your fault even though the company did not provide support, training and so on. If you can’t sell they blame your lack of skills.
  5. Low commission rate - you do not get a lot of money selling their products. Plus, the bonuses are hard to reach as well.
  6. Lots of competition - also like most MLM companies, you have a lot of competition to fight in order to get even one sale. If your family and friends do not help you, you may be out of luck.
  7. No one wants the products - there are just too many to choose from and most store products are a lot cheaper to purchase than Atomy products.


Is Atomy A Scam?

In the eyes of the law, no it isn’t. Since the company does produce, sell and deliver the products purchased, there is no scam going on.  But like every other MLM company out there, the people being scammed are those who are enlisted to sell for the company.

what is atomy cosmetics

The huge dependency on recruiting make sit very difficult for you to make any money and before long you will run out of willing people to sign up. Every MLM corporation knows this which is why we can call Atomy and other MLM companies a scam.

They are enlisting people knowing that they will fail and not be able to reach the ideal promoted by the companies. In our eyes, this makes all MLM companies and Atomy a scam. They have the opportunity to change this but they do not.

That failure is why we encourage people to find a better way to earn a living than by trying to sell MLM products, no matter how good they may be.


There Is A Better Way

Atomy sounds really good. They seem to have good products that people like, they make it easy to sign up and be an active sales rep and so on. But those good points do not save it from being a very questionable company.


One look at their compensation plan and the need to recruit provides the evidence to support that labeling. YET, we have a better alternative for you. It does take a little hard work but you do not need to recruit or depend on your recruits’ sales to earn any money.

affiliate marketing

It is called affiliate marketing and there are a lot of good affiliate marketing platforms out there you can sign up with. Like MLM companies, sign up is easy but once you do, you can get the training and support you need to be a success. You are not left on your own.

Also, you do not have to have any inventory,make purchases and so on. The basic items you need are a website and top SEO strategies to help drive traffic to your door.

affiliate marketing

On top of that, you already know the commission split and you make the decisions on which ones you will accept. There are no complicated compensation plans to understand. Payment is simple and easy.

In addition, there is no hype, no fake promotions that tell you how much you can earn and similar activities. Your earnings depend on you and if affiliate marketing is right for you.


If You Have Any Questions

All you have to do is ask us. We are here to help you get on track with a better way to earn a second income that helps you pay your bills. Plus, you do not have to make a large investment, buy a starter kit or make monthly purchases.

affiliate marketing training

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing just ask us now. We will answer your questions then turn you on to one of the best affiliate marketing platforms - Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get all the information you need before you sign up which gives you the confidence you need to be a success at this growing industry. Contact us now so you can get started on a new career path.

Thank you for reading.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Devara says:

    Thanks for this informative review. First of all, I don’t like the fact that it is hard to find information about the company.
    If this company was good to work for, you shouldn’t have any problems finding information about it..
    I like that there’s no starter kit required; I have ran into that problem before and some of the starter kits are not cheap!
    I don’t like the fact that they already have 2 1/2 million sales reps!! That’s a lot of competition to anticipate!
    I’m pretty sure that I won’t be representing any MLM products, I mean, like you said, they are just enlisting people, knowing they will fail.
    Thanks for sharing about Wealthy Affiliate! I like that you can start training for free and the training sounds pretty good.
    That sounds like something I can handle.

    Best wishes,

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, competition in this company is HUGE and to really succeed you need to either be really good – almost perfect or be at a top of the pyramid chain.


  • Alberto says:

    HI, I agree with you about MLM companies in general, I believe there are only a few that are worth it. About Atomy, y had found something about it before, but this review is giving me just about what I needed to no trust it much, the simple fact that they kind of hide information is enough. Great review and thank you for the information.

  • Aaron says:

    Many thanks for this comprehensive review. I liked your description of Atomy. I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate that it is something very thorough and as others have already mentioned, very supportive as well as a free initial training.
    Best wishes,

  • Tom says:

    Interesting article on Atomy Cosmetics, and MLM. I have been in several MLM’s over the years, and have enjoyed some success, but always seemed to be battling attrition. I was able to get a good deal of signups, but most would quickly drop out if not making money right away. Most folks didn’t realize that it takes work to succeed in MLM, just like any other business. Atomy sounds like a good opportunity. Good luck, Tom

    • Strahinja says:

      I appreciate the comment Tom.

      Yes, these companies do offer great incentives, but it is very hard to be really successful and make a living out of it.

      That is why I always recommend affiliate marketing as a better alternative.


  • Dr. SD says:

    I have listened about many MLM companies in the past. Atomy Cosmetics is just another one among those. In my country, I have seen many people get involved in MLM business, but unfortunately, most of them end up with all negative. I guess the scenario is pretty the same worldwide. There is too much competition!

    In this competitive market, Atomy Cosmetics should keep their price low to get more sales. This will make the customer and subscribe both happy. If they don’t take a look over this area, the company will get closed soon.

    I personally think MLM is never a good option for full-time earnings. Any company may get closed anytime. Affiliate marketing is a much better option as you explained at the end.

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