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By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Feb 21

If you want to know what is American Online Jobs you are at the right place.

It is said that if you repeat a lie often enough, you and others will come to believe that it is true. That seems to be the strategy of American Online Jobs and many other fly by night make money online opportunities.

what is american online jobs

They keep repeating the lie that you can get rich quick through their special techniques. Unfortunately, you do not get rich and their techniques are not unique or special.

When it comes answering the question what is American online jobs, the first answer is that what is seen is not what it really is.

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About American Online Jobs

Like any other company that fits into the category get rich quick by making money online, this company provides you with a lot of hype and unrealistic promises. For this company, it is not that you will be making money withing an hour of signing up but that you can make up to $1600 a week.

what is american online jobs

That is a tempting promise and claim that is hard to resist except that when you find out it is not a real job some of the luster goes away. Underneath all the hype and glamour you are sent to survey sites where if you join, they make a commission. You don’t.

The company may say it is helping you get a job but take that with a large grain of salt. Since the company hides who its owner is and charges you a fee to sign up do not expect them to be honest about the type of work they are going to send your way.

The Cost of Signing up at American Online Jobs

To become a member and get access to their job panels you need to sign up. One of the tasks you have to do is answer 6 questions about you. Right away you are giving away your private information.

sign up

The cost you have to pay is between $25 and $49 and that fee is determined by which product you purchase. Also, you have to sign up at another company called Online Flex Job which is a mandatory requirement.

The problem is to get an account at that second location, you have to buy some anti virus software for about $40, give or take a few dollars. Once you do all of that, you are given a ‘free’ website.

what is american online jobs

The bad news about this freebie is that it is more like a clone to the one you accessed when you signed up.

Can You Make Money At This Company

This is the second question you need to answer after answering what is American Online Jobs. It is possible to make some money following the instructions this company gives you. But it will nowhere be close to the $700 to $1600 a week that hooked you into signing up.


There are 2 ways to make money through this company. The first way is to continue on and fill out lots of surveys for a very low wage. It is easy work but even if you qualify you may not make more than a couple of bucks per survey.

We say ‘if you qualify’ because survey companies are notorious for disqualifying anyone and everyone when they do not meet the demographics or the criteria of the client of American Online Jobs.


The second way to make money is to recruit others. The company uses the word referral but you are really recruiting other unwary people and helping them sign up under the same false pretenses you were guided by when you signed up.

There is no information how much you will be paid by recruiting others. It is probably better than filling out surveys but getting the recruits is another story altogether.

Some Unethical Practices From American Online Jobs

When you analyze the business practices of these types of companies then you are sure to get a very good answer to what is American Online Jobs. The unethical behavior lets you see those red flags up close and personal.

what is american online jobs

The first unethical practice you should be aware of is that the company uses a variety of names to market itself. And its supposed jobs. The company has about 4 different websites that we know of and they either have the full name or just the initials in the URL.

Those URLs all send you to a similar page to sign up and look at jobs. If you push the sign up button you are sent to a get paid to website. This leads us to the second unethical act this company does.

what is american online jobs

The jobs listed are fake. They are only listed to get your attention and to hook you into signing up. What ‘job’ you are given access to is usually a get paid to fill out a survey site. All the other jobs do not exist.

The third unethical act this company pulls is that once you sign up at one, before you get to the members site, you are asked to join 9 more survey companies. Then the final one to be discussed here is that the application process for all the different URLS are basically the same with some differences. They can’t even be honest in the application process.

what is american online jobs

There is one honorable mention. All the fake jobs listed are for Americans. This tells you that they people the company is looking for are those who live in the United States. If you live outside that country, you are probably the lucky one as you may not be able to sign up.

The Training at American Online Jobs

For the money you sent at signing up, you are eventually led to the members area where awaiting for you are 8 to 10 training videos. These videos are conducted by someone named Brenda.

what is american online jobs

These videos are not worth the cost of admission even though they are supposed to be free. Nothing valuable can be learned from them. In essence the training you get is no training at all. All you get for your time is bad information that leads you to nowhere.

What can you expect when the owner’s or owners’ names cannot be found? The people who created this online opportunity remain anonymous and there is no mention of them to be found.


The question is, if they are truly trying to help you find a good job then why are they taking the steps not to be known? It is a giant red flag when asking the question what is American online jobs.

The Pros and Cons 

what is american online jobs

This area is also a good source to find your answer to the question what is American Online Jobs. For the most part we could not find anyone who had anything nice to say about this company or its online job service.

But here are the pros we could find after a lot of digging through information:


  • You can make some money at this online opportunity
  • You get some training even if it is not good


  • They lie to you
  • They misrepresent what they do
  • They they post fake jobs
  • They make you spend money you may not have
  • They bring affiliate and referral marketing a bad reputation
  • They have no real products to represent or sell
  • They don’t pay
  • They tell you to lie

If that isn’t enough cons to dissuade you from signing up we are sure we could dig up a few more.

Is American Online Jobs a Scam

what is american online jobs

Even with the potential of making money through filling out surveys and the shoddy training there is no better term to describe this company and its offerings. When you are lied to from the beginning you know it is not a legitimate company that you should be associated with.

It is best to try a better way of working online and making some money.

Here Is That Better Way

People may be skeptical about affiliate marketing but it is a legitimate industry that is growing every year. You have lots of room to maneuver and you get lots of great training for free. That is if you sign up at the right affiliate marketing platform.

wealthy affiliate training

Wealthy Affiliate Training

That platform is Wealthy Affiliate and not only do you get free training, you get 2 free websites to use. Plus, you get all the help you need to build those websites and pick the right niches and products to represent.

The good thing is you are not left alone when you go through Wealthy Affiliate. That is because they have a great support system ready to help you out. Your issues can be solved with the right inquiry to the right people.

affiliate program

Then you get hundreds of thousands of products and niches to make money through instead of filling out useless surveys. It is a better way to make money.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Srdjan says:

    Hi Strahinja, thank you for this review. There is a lot of money making programs available on the internet these days. All of the get rich quick tales are scams and people need to realize that. Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money. The problem here is that most people think that they will become millionaires in a few months. They don’t realize if you want to be successful you need to invest first. First of all to spend some time acquiring new skills and knowledge, and then to implement that knowledge. I like the program that you are promoting, I know it is the legit one. And if someone is ready to invest their time that is the right place to start.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes Srdjan, you are correct.

      Too many products these days are offering fast ways to make money, without actually telling you the truth. Its far from easy to make money online.

      I appreciate the comment.


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