Top 13 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than “Get Paid To” Jobs

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Jul 31
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What do you do?

Without the 13 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than get paid to job, that can be a difficult question to answer when you are an affiliate marketer. People do not understand the nature of the business and leap to the conclusion that you are making money through a multi-level scam.

When people ask this question, they are looking for a traditional job response. For example, they are expecting you to answer doctor, lawyer, truck driver, and so on. They do not know how to react when you say affiliate marketer.

That answer throws them off. Over the years I have found that it is best simply to answer salesman as that is what an affiliate marketer is. When you become an affiliate marketer, you are a salesman.

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Then when people ask why are you an affiliate marketer my answer is that it is better than a get paid to job. Then I list the reasons why affiliate marketing is better than get paid to jobs.

What follows are my 13 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than get paid to jobs.


The 13 Reasons That Make Affiliate Marketing Better


#1. Little Up Front Investment

When you are looking at opening a business, you have permits to buy, taxes to pay, fees to pay and so on. Soon the up front costs are reaching between $50,000 and $100,000.

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With an affiliate marketing position, there is little up front investment and there are no real fees to pay or permits to buy. That means I am not at risk at losing my home or apartment if business goes bad. Also, my payment is secured and no one can walk into my office and hold me up, like they can at a bakery, bank and so on.


#2. I Can Do Affiliate Marketing With No Experience

This is a big thing in a get paid to job. If you do not have the experience they need, you do not get the job.  It is hard to be motivated and continue your job search when you hear rejection all day long and all week long.


With affiliate marketing I do not even have to be a good salesman. The company trains me and has some excellent educational materials available so I can learn while I earn. That makes affiliate marketing many times better than a get paid to job.


#3. I Can Work And Learn At The Same Time

In comparison to being a doctor , lawyer and a dentist where I have to study for 6 to 8 years before opening a practice, affiliate marketing educates you as you work. There are no huge tuition fees, no student loan debt to pay off and far fewer books to read.

money over time

The training provided can be done while I set up my website, pick products to represent and so on. I make money before I spend it all on classroom teaching. I would rather make money while I learn than spend it on my learning.


#4. No Product Or Inventory Investment

That is one of the better aspects of affiliate marketing. I am only representing the products I choose. I do not have to buy them or set up a warehouse to ship from. I work through my website helping people find the answers to their problems.

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That means I have more money for myself and my family. No money is tied up in products and I do not have leftover items needing to be sold quickly. The vendors I represent handle all that and worry about their inventory. I just sell. That keeps me stress free and happier.


#5. I Have A Global Marketplace 

In a get paid to job, I would be limited to the few customers that come into my store each day. Of course I could put out ads and coupons but that would only attract people in the neighborhood or city I am working in.

global network

As an affiliate marketplace, I have no national, city or even state boundaries keeping my customers away. Wherever they are at in the world, they can come to my website and see what products I represent and recommend. That makes selling a lot easier and I have no overhead cutting into my profits.


#6. Profits Come Faster

in a normal start up business, it may take a couple years to break even. The ongoing expenses like rent and utilities also eat into those profits. It takes a while to get established and start seeing a good return on my investment. Some times it is very difficult to see any profit at a get paid to work job.

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In affiliate marketing, I do not have a large up front investment and my expenses are very low. This means that I can turn a profit in as little as one month, if all goes well. Fewer expenses and up front costs translates into more profits faster.


#7. I Do Not Need Employees

Most business require at least one more employee to help you get it going. That means that whenever I hire someone in a get paid to job, I have to pay withholding taxes, SSI payments, workman’s computer and a lot of other employee related expenses.


As an affiliate marketer, I do not have that headache. I can run it all myself and save a lot of money by not paying those employee related costs. This lack of expenses translates into higher revenue, fewer employee headaches and more profit. I also do not have to experience the pain of letting someone go for making too many mistakes.


#8. I Work When I Want

No matter what business you start up, you are always a slave to that business putting in more than 40 hours every week just to make ends meet. It is a hard job to do when starting out and it can take its toll on your health.

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What I like best about affiliate marketing and which makes it a better employment opportunity is that I can work the hours I want to. I get to choose when I am on the job and when I can take a day or two and go fishing. I have less stress and more fun.


#9. My Revenue Doesn’t Stop

When customers stop coming into those get paid to jobs, then you do not get paid as there are no revenues to divide up. This is a harsh reality to face and it hurts knowing you have to close the business because there is no more money coming in.

affiliate marketing revenue

But in affiliate marketing, as long as I have those affiliate links working and good content, I can get paid for products years down the road. I get a lot of future earnings with this great business. This means I can live a better lifestyle when I retire from regular work.


#10. I Can Make More Than A Regular Salary

When you sign up to work at a get paid to job, your income is capped to the amount agreed to in the contract. A person has to wait till the boss is in a good mood to get a raise or one has to try to get more paying customers to get a boost in wages.

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This is another reason why affiliate marketing is better than a get paid to job. Your earning potential starts small and has the potential to increase greatly. There is no limit on what you can earn each month. As long as you have paying customers, you can earn more than you ever thought of.


#11. It Is An Almost Stress Free Job

In a get paid to job, you have to worry about balancing the books, ordering inventory and then checking to see if it is all there, refund money to customers and so on. It is a lot of work for little reward.


With affiliate marketing, you do not have those hassles. There is no inventory to order or double check, no customer refunds to hand out, and so on. The only books you have to balance are the ones that tell you how much you have earned and how much you have actually received. That is it.


#12. Your Customer Potential Is Unlimited

Well it is limited but you won’t reach them all in your lifetime. There are millions of potential customers online and that number is growing every day as more and more people become connected to the Internet.

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You cannot say the same thing with a get paid to job. Even with a website and good advertising, your customer potential is quite limited. You can make a good living at a get paid to job, but affiliate marketing is better because it opens doors you thought is not possible. With affiliate marketing, the sky is the limit when it comes to reaching new customers. And it can be done every day.


#13. I Am My Own Boss

That takes a lot of stress out of working. With a get paid to job, you have to deal with the different moods of your co-workers, other employees and then there is the boss or supervisor. Those people can make your day very stressful just by their appearing in your office door.

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What makes affiliate marketing so much better than those jobs is that there are no annoying co-workers and you are the boss. What you say goes and that relieves a lot of tension and stress from your daily life. Being your own boss also gives you work luxury you cannot get with a get paid to job.


Why Is Affiliate Marketing So Hard Then?

You may think that affiliate marketing is easy. Especially after reading all those reason why it is better than a get paid to job. But anything worthwhile is not going to be easy to do. And affiliate marketing is worth doing.


With all the benefits that come from being an affiliate marketer, you get to own your own business and work it like a real business. That is because it is a real business. A real business takes a lot of hard work.

Good content does not write itself. You need to learn to be disciplined in order to do proper research to get that good content. Plus, you have to know how to word those articles so your readers can see you know what you are talking about.

On top of that, you need to be able to learn and understand different Internet and SEO strategies so you can get your business to grow. Yes affiliate marketing is hard but it is worth it when your business tales off and you are earning the money you need to have a good retirement.

hard work

You also work hard at a get paid to job, but in the end, all you are looking at is what you could save over the years and a small pension. Once you reach that retirement age the job is gone.

Affiliate marketing may be hard, but you can do it long past retirement and still enjoy life at the same time.

Some Final Words

If you like hard work and want to see a better return on your investment, then you should consider an affiliate marketing employment opportunity. There are plenty of good programs out there you can join. But Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ones to consider.

Wealthy Affilaite Training

With them, you get the training you need to help you be successful as well as a lot of support 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Plus, you have hundreds of thousands of niches and products to represent.

This gives you a lot of flexibility that a get paid to job does not offer. This reason and the 13 listed above are what makes affiliate marketing better than a get paid to job. There is little risk involved but a lot of hard work ahead of you to be a success.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what made you become an affiliate marketer.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Dan says:

    Awesome post Strahinja! I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about a year and all these things are so true. It’s the best business venture I’ve ever gotten into. It does take a good amount of work but I started making money pretty early on. What you put into it is what you get out of it. The thing I like most is that you can be an affiliate for things you are already buying and using. You’re going to buy them anyways, why not make money off of them! I’m going to share with a few friends skeptical of affiliate marketing. Thanks again!

    • Strahinja says:

      That is really nice to hear Dan.

      You are an example of how things should be done in affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship.

      To succeed in this business, you really need to be ready to work hard. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

      I appreciate the comment.


  • suzanne says:

    Hi Strahinja, great post. These are definitely all the reasons why I started with online affilliate marketing.
    This type of income can be passive, so all the hard work we do in the beginning really pays off down the road.
    I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any of your readers who are beginners. The training is excellent and the supportive community is one of a kind.
    I’ve been there for years, and it’s the community that keeps me there, lol.

  • Maxine says:

    Hi, thank you for this article, I have been considering going into affiliate marketing for a while but I have always been very tentative because there are so many scam sites out there. I have now looked at Wealthy Affiliate in greater depth & I have decided that this company is going to be my way froward. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    • Strahinja says:

      I appreciate the comment Maxine.

      Please check Wealthy Affiliate. They are quite great when it comes to training & support.

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