Affiliate Marketing – Then And Now

By Strahinja | Recommended

May 28
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Everything changes.

That is because technology continues to upgrade everything it can get its hands on. What was once thought to be state of the art back in the early days of affiliate marketing is now considered obsolete.

Technology changes the way people think as well. What was once considered a good SEO strategy, for example keyword stuffing, has given away to different SEO strategies designed to produce more traffic.

To stay on top of the affiliate marketing game, you need to stay on top of technology and see what it can and will do to the affiliate marketing business. This article explores the changes to help give you ideas on what to look for when technology makes yet another upgrade.

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Some Old Strategies That Do Not Necessarily Work Anymore

One of the older affiliate marketing strategies that has seen better days is keyword stuffing. Algorithms have been changed and keywords are not as vital as they once were.

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When affiliate marketing was new, keyword stuffing was the way to manipulate the rankings. Affiliates would place their keywords throughout the content, no matter if it ruined what was being said or not.

They also used keywords to be relevant to the topic discussed and other offenses. The idea was to get the ranking through the use of as many keywords as possible. How you did it was up to you.

While you got the traffic through this keyword overuse, the user experience was not that great. In fact, it was outright terrible. Website visitors did not want to read content that repeated the same keywords over and over.

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After a few years of this strategy, different search engines decided to change their policies and constructed their algorithms to include the quality of the content. Keyword stuffing became a dinosaur even though it may still be used by some affiliate marketers today.

The modern affiliate marketing strategy in this case is to cut down on the keyword use and strive for great content.

The Demise Of Banner Ads

The early days of affiliate marketing was a little primitive. That was when the use of banner ads was extremely popular. An affiliate marketer placed a bunch of banner ads on their website and crossed their fingers hoping for the best.

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This method worked for a little while until the website visitors got tired of all the banner ads they had to avoid in order to read the content.

There Was No Direct Tracking Technology

When affiliate marketing was young, direct tracking was non-existent. How to track sales was a complicated problem. As was setting up an affiliate network. The technology just hadn’t caught up with the new trend.

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To develop any tracking in the early days of affiliate marketing, cost marketers a lot of money and time. Not many who tried were successful and quite a few marketers went out of business because there was no way to track sales.

Fortunately, enough people stuck it out and helped develop the tracking systems used today to make sure affiliate marketers get their fair share.

Today It Is All About  Content

As search engines change their strategies, it makes affiliate marketing a little tougher. When the rules change, strategies have to change. One of the rules that changed was that content now mattered.

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Before you could slap just about anything up on a web page and have people visit your site but today’s audience wants to get something in return for their time and their visit to your website.

That means that the affiliate marketer needs to produce great content. To be trusted they need to be seen as providing something valuable to their website visitors.

In fact, it is the content that has become one of the biggest marketing strategies and the way to make the most money.


Good content helps your visitors and potential customers gain trust in you and the products you represent. It also builds your reputation and a good reputation brings more business and more potential clients.

Some Good Content Strategies

When you write your content, you want to do it in a way that does not insult your visitor. You want them to easily understand what you have written while at the same time making sure you are not insulting their intelligence.

Here are some strategies you can use to make sure your content is at its best, its most informative and helps bring value to your potential customers:

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  • Do not Lie - with the Internet, people can fact check you very quickly. If they find out you are not telling the truth, then they will not be able to trust you. Be honest in your reviews and descriptions in order to build a solid reputation and keep your clients.
  • Jeep the Content Relevant - how does the product help the lives of your readers? Is one question you should ask yourself as you write. Is the product something your readers want/ is another question you should be asking yourself. Being relevant lifts you up in the eyes of those who come to your website
  • Make the Content Easy to Read - this does not mean you write in one syllable words or speak condescendingly to your readers. Just don’t get to technical and use simpler words that everyone understands. Also, write in paragraphs. One thing that turns a reader off is seeing one long paragraph of 1,000 words or more. Use bullet points and other tricks to make the content scannable.
  • Be Yourself - when you write do not try to be someone you are not. You are not Hemingway so don’t write like him. Put the content in your own words according to who you are. Also be natural. Don’t force product promotion but find the right spot where it fits in naturally.
  • Write About Popular Products - you will have a larger built-in audience of people who are already interested in the product. This makes sales a lot easier. Remember you are not selling to yourself. Your customers’ interests must come first. Also, you want to write about products that will benefit the lives of your customers.
  • Use a Variety of Platforms - after you have written great content, you want people to read it. To do that use as many popular platforms as you can. Also, use different marketing strategies to make sure the word is getting out on your website and its content. These methods should help bring traffic to your door and create more sales.

How To Produce Good Content

Now that you know the importance of good content and that keyword and other archaic SEO strategies are not worth their weight in gold, here are some tips on how to create good content:

  1. Do Product Reviews - this strategy allows you to bring out all the good and bad points of any given product. It is said that roughly 90% of online readers trust product reviews. If you are honest, you can help your customers be realistic about the product and feel like they gained something valuable from visiting your website. This, in turn, helps you get more sales. Just do not be one sided but do be objective and informative.
  2. Product Comparisons - comparing products has been a staple of shopping ever since shopping was invented. Doing a product comparison helps your reader and potential customer to see which product gives them the most value for their dollar. You are helping your customer spend their money more wisely.
  3. Use Seasonal Content - the weather changes and by keeping up with those changes you are showing that you are on top of things and very relevant to the needs of your readers. It is also showing that you are thinking about your readers and do not just want their money.
  4. Vlogging - creating videos about your product can be very helpful. Your potential customers can see how something works, learn how to use one or assemble it and soon, this helps establish trust and helps you make a better connection to your website visitors. You must make sure that you are filming and producing top quality videos. Blurred, or other viewing issues only turns potential clients off and you will lose business as well as gain a bad reputation.
  5. Experiential Blogs - you can make a good connection with your visitors by writing about your experiences with the product. You can save your readers time and money by letting them know if a product actually works or not.

Some Final Words

The old affiliate marketing tools just do not cut it anymore. Time and technology has passed them by in favor of better tools. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, then you need to learn how to stay with the changing ideas.

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Good content is the present way to make sure your affiliate marketing business is at its best and using the most up to date marketing tools available. All you need to do is follow the tips above to get a boost in your affiliate marketing methods.

Thank you for reading.



About the Author

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  • Matt's Mom says:

    I do believe that my blog content is great.  Problem is that I have yet to find a way to get a decent income from it.  I know that everyone I share my site with loves it.  Yes, I know, they could just be saying that to be nice.  Then I was horrified to read about the demise of banner ads.  I do have banner ads on my site.  Not a lot, as I don’t want to “clutter” my blog.  But yest I do hope and pray that I get commission off them.  But I get very little.  I don’t know where I am missing the boat 🙁

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment Matt’s Mom. You should not be worried about banner ads. The main problem with that is when you overly use your website and spam it with banner ads. Other than that you will be fine.

      As for the content part, it is recommended to have at least 2000 words per each post. This shows Google you are serious with your work and you will get rewarded with better rankings.


  • Mark says:

    So true, how everything’s changed. I remember when SEO used to be relatively simple. Of course, as you mentioned, there were tons of sites out there with nothing more than mindless gibberish for content. They were just trying to lure you there to hit you with ads. I remember wondering back then how so much mindless trash could end up on page one of the search results. The result is that now we have to use our heads more to produce quality content. It’s a good thing, provided you understand it enough to know what exactly they’re looking for. You laid it out here pretty clearly. Thanks for sharing!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the thorough comment Mark. Yes, SEO was simple back then and the only tactic was preety much keyword stuffing. Nowdays, you have to have great content in order to be effective.

      I hope you enjoyed my article. 


  • Linda says:

    Affiliate marketing can be such a hard competition. According to my MBA  marketing strategy course, marketing takes many steps to achieve. Getting the word out and making people turn; getting their attention. Then not just that but engage in the service or product and purchase it. How exhausting!

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes affiliate marketing can be hard in very competitive niches, but is still one of the best ways to make money online today.

      Thank you for commenting.


  • AlohaMelani says:

    Everything you mentioned in this article is true. Banner ads and keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. Content is king.

    Can you elaborate on using different platforms? I’m not sure what you meant. Maybe an example of a platform would be helpful. I do understand it’s about marketing your content after it is written.

    I also really liked what you said about making your blog scannable. Besides bullet points are there any other “tricks” you suggest?

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey there and thank you for your comment. I would say that the best trick I use is the number of quality external links, content table in every article, using keyword slug in your URL and similar techniques.

      Thank you.


  • Tom says:


    This is a great post, thanks for sharing. I too have an affiliate marketing business and what you are saying is very true. Content is king, as it communicates to the audience while providing them with a way for them to buy products they are interested in. Therefore it has to be good quality and relevant to the reader.

  • Faheem says:

    The previous strategies didn’t stay because to be honest they were all just shortcuts and tricks to cheat the system.
    It makes sense for content to be the important. That’s what people were looking for. Instead of cheating them, lets instead give them what they actually came for, quality content. 

    It’s as they say,  “Honesty lasts longest”.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes Faheem you said it right.

      Cheap tricks and cheating in SEO process can be really expensive for those who keep pushing it up to this day.


  • Matthew says:

    It’s amazing how far affiliate marketing has come since it first started back in 1989. I have been affiliate marketing for a number of years now and I have seen so many changes since I started 

    But there is always one thing that always stays the same and that is, knowing what people want to buy rather than showing people what they might want to buy, will always make you more sales.

    So it is very important to do a load of research before finding a niche or product that you want to promote and that will certainly give you the edge over your competition as long as you write from the heart and always make sure you write truthful content no matter if you think the product has any flaws or not

    Nice post here and it won’t hurt anyone to take a look at it even if they have been working with affiliate marketing for a while like myself.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Matthew and thank you for your comment.

      You got some really good points there Matthew. I can only agree with you.


  • Stella says:

    You are right. Affiliate marketing gas undergo evolution and rebranding over time. Good content writing is now the key. Good content will attract traffic to your site which will enable it to rank on Google search. Another thing is that it will enhance and convince the Reader to check the product out. Online business is building with the latest technology

    thanks for sharing

  • You make some very valid points in this post. I agree with you that technology is always training and the technical market is currently well equipped to support affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Troy says:

    I agree with having good valuable content. Great content brings readers in and allows them to engage with it.

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