What Is Affiliate Marketing Niche?

By Strahinja | Tips

Feb 18
what is affiliate marketing niche

With the digital world, everything is done online including learning, shopping and even interacting with people. People have also invented several ways of making money online one of them being affiliate marketing. The popularity of this kind of business has many people asking what exactly is an affiliate marketing niche?

The simplest definition to this is that affiliate marketing is simply a partnership between an individual and a business where the individual earns commission from promoting the products of the business.

A blogger becomes an affiliate marketer to a given company by placing a link on his blog posts about the business which directs the reader to the products or services of the company. If the reader visits the company's page and ends up buying the product, then the business owner pays a given percentage to the blogger in form of a commission.

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How Does An Affiliate Marketer Make Money?

Affiliate marketing is mostly commission based. The affiliate marketer places his/her user ID on buttons or links with embedded HTML code and uploads them on the blog. 

When the user clicks the link or ad and then buys the product, the company is alerted that you're the affiliate that led to the purchase. You will then receive the commission from the company for the sale.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Affiliate marketing involves four distant elements:

The Merchant

This is the seller/retailer who sells the product or provides the services. The merchant collaborates with the affiliate marketer to promote the products and services.

Anyone can be a merchant starting from a big company to an individual as long as they have something to sell.

The Affiliate

This is the individual who promotes products and services and gets a commission on every sale made.

He/she works hand in hand with the merchant to promote the products and services. The affiliate creates ads, links or banners to find buyers for the products and services from the merchant. Affiliates also range from companies to an individual.

The Customer

The customer is anybody who uses the products and services from the merchant to satisfy his or her needs. He/she can buy the products from the merchant via the affiliate link or directly.

They are the ones who make the affiliate program go around, and without them, there will be no products to sell, no revenue and no commission to the affiliate marketer.

The Network

This is the program or the platform that acts as the intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate. It is a digital platform that requires the involvement of both the merchant and the affiliate.

Most of the times, affiliates are required to go through the network to be able to promote certain products and services. This is when the merchant manages the affiliate program on that particular network.

what is affiliate marketing niche

​​​​​​​​How to Succeed as an Affiliate Marketer

Succeeding as an affiliate marketer is not an easy process as there are a lot that you should do to increase traffic and get more people to buy the products you promote.

Most newbies give up in less than three months since they fail to build a network to their sites and they entered the program with a notion that it is easy to earn money. 

Succeeding as an affiliate marketer is not an uphill task if you take all the necessary steps and put the required effort to it. Here are a few areas that you must focus your energy on to ensure you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

what is affiliate marketing niche
  • Content - Before you even think of making money through affiliate marketing, you should first think of attracting the audience to your post by creating great content.
    You need to attract your audience to your posts by dedicating all your time and effort in creating a captivating content that will keep your audience coming back for more.
    Catch the readers attention and keep them hooked so that they will want to read more and know more about your products and services.
  • Master SEO techniques - The secret to succeeding online as a blogger and an affiliate marketer is mastering SEO strategies.
    You need to drive as much traffic as you can from search engines and get the quality traffic that you need to convert visitors into buyers.
    You need to rank naturally for your keywords and generate links to your content.
    You can do this by skyscraping which involves sourcing for the best keyword for your content and creating a better version of it.
  • Research about your products - You won't succeed as an affiliate marketer if you don't do thorough research and understand the products that you're promoting.
    Get to understand the company you are working with and understand their terms, their customers and all the information you need to know about them before proceeding.
  • Promote only the products you can use - If you are not interested in the products or services, you are promoting as an affiliate marketer then don't promote it. You can't be promoting beauty products, and you can't get yourself to use them or even try them on yourself.
    The first disadvantage of these kinds of promotions is that you can't persuade your readers to buy the product. Secondly, you won't be able to tell if the product is good or bad if you have no experience with it. You can easily engage your readers and persuade them to buy a product if you've used it yourself or you're at least interested in it.
  • Upsells - Upsells are better way of earning more commission as an affiliate marketer by encouraging readers to buy an upgraded version of the product or to purchase add-ons.
    You need to use your persuasion techniques because customers don't like spending a lot on what they don't know.
  • Paid traffic - Most experienced and successful affiliate marketers will discourage you from going for paid traffic simply because they don't see the need for it. They will rather gain traffic free via search engines and social networks.
    What they are not telling you is that as a newbie, you haven't mastered all the techniques of gaining the free traffic and you need to pay for them via Facebook, Google Adwords, and other networks.
    If you feel like you need to improve your traffic a little through paid traffic, then you should go for it, but if you can gain the free traffic then good for you.
  • Be honest - Most bloggers tend to exaggerate the features and the benefits of a product so that they convince the audience to buy the product. Don't write overly exaggerated or incorrect information just to make a quick sale.
    This is because you won't be able to fool the customers for long. Once they realize you've been fooling them, you will lose your traffic, and the trust will fade. Keep everything simple and as honest as possible.
what is affiliate marketing niche

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Bloggers

Easy to start

Starting an affiliate marketing program or joining a platform is very easy. You only need to have an active blog then you can contact the merchant you wish to work for and get started. There are no startup costs and no investment capital.

No risks

Affiliate marketing has almost zero financial risks on the part of the marketer. This is because the affiliate marketer does not need to invest a single cent on the business. All he needs to do is concentrate on building traffic to his site to direct more audience towards the merchant's products.

Easy to join

Joining an affiliate marketing program does not require you to have any technical skills or be an expert or a business graduate. You only need to sign up for an affiliate program and start promoting the products of your choice. You only need to join, promote and start earning as soon as possible and depending on your efforts.


Affiliate marketing comes with a lot of flexibility starting from the liberty to set your own goals, choose your working time and choose the products and services you want to promote.
Additionally, you don't have to worry about getting late to the office because you can work from home, from your office or even your hotel room when you are on a vacation. You are also free from regulations and restrictions that come with traditional employment.

You get multiple sources of income

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it doesn't offer a limit to the number of products you can promote. You can choose to sign up to work with different affiliate programs and promote products from different merchants. This way, you will have several sources of income and earn a good living from it.

Easy to manage

Affiliate marketing is the easiest business to manage as all the marketing materials are provided by the merchant. The marketer is not tasked with designing banners or creating links. They only need to use merchant-generated content for all their marketing channels.

How to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer

Now that you understand what is affiliate marketing niche, you need to make a huge step of deciding if you want to venture into this business. However, it is not easy to get started, and there are some steps that you need to follow for a successful start. 

Here is how you can get started as an affiliate marketer and start earning your commission within a few months.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is the first step to becoming an affiliate marketer. You should identify which niche you're going to target so that you have a defined focus. This can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming steps in affiliate marketing.

what is affiliate marketing training

There are so many niches to choose from and too little information in which is better than the other. You can also find that your preferred niche may not earn you as much traffic as you need maybe because it is too crowded or too boring.

Whatever the case here is what you should ask yourself when choosing a niche is: 

  1. Are you passionate about the niche?
  2. How much knowledge do you have about it?
  3. Is the niche capable of generating enough traffic and earning you money in the long run?

Your answers to these questions will guide you in choosing a good affiliate marketing niche to focus on.

Research on Affiliate Programs

Once you've set your mind on a particular niche and are sure that that is exactly what you want to focus on, you should now start doing some research on the available affiliate programs.

You need to invest a significant amount of time on this because it is not an easy process. You should find out some of the merchants that use the program, the commission that you're going to make when you promote products on that program, the kind of support that the program provides and also decide whether you'll want to be associated with the products and services offered by the program.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Build Your Site

This is where the action starts. If you don't have a website already, this should be your first step. Building a site is not so difficult and will not cost you a lot. One of the best places to start is through WordPress or SiteRubix.

To build and have your site running, you need to:

  • Build a domain name. This is the address to your website and is the first thing that you should think of when building g a site. There are millions of websites online, and maybe the domain name you choose might already be taken. You should, therefore, have as many options as possible and ensure you choose a good and professional domain name.
  • Set up web hosting. Web hosting is also very simple and affordable. You should choose a reputable and reliable provider because you're going to depend on it for your affiliate marketing business fully.
  • Install WordPress. You need a content management system (CMS) for your site. WordPress is the best in this situation because it is easy to use and beginner friendly. Most web host providers will give you an easy time installing WordPress with just a single click.
  • Install your theme. You need to start styling your site with the WordPress theme of your choice.
    There are several themes available on WordPress and choosing the best theme will depend on the kind of audience you want to impress as this determines what they will see on their end.
    You can start with something simple and customizable so that you're able to change it late.
  • Start creating content. Your site is now ready, and the next step is to start driving traffic by creating content. You should engage your audience by creative, captivating content that is relevant to your niche.
what is affiliate marketing niche

Create Good Content

Once your site is up and running and you have a good host, it is now time to indulge in affiliate marketing by creating content fully.

This can be the most time consuming and exhaustive stage, but your success in affiliate marketing greatly depends on it. You need high-quality content that will keep your audience engaged, hooked and keep coming back for more.

Your content should consist of reviews of different products and services. This will make your audience have the information they need about the product that will make them make a decision of whether to purchase or not.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Another content that will engage your audience are creating blog posts that address the issues, the questions and tries to solve common problems that the audience may be facing.

By creating blogs, you should do some keyword research to find out what your audience is interested in and what they often search when they go online.

Another way to generate content for your audience is by giving away informational products such as e-books, mini-course or email series. You will need the emails of your audience to do this, and you can later sell the products to them through email marketing.

Build Traffic

Affiliate marketing doesn't end in creating excellent content. You can create very engaging content, but you still won't be able to drive enough traffic to your site.

You need to come up with the audience that will not only drive traffic to your site but also result in sales so that you can earn enough commission.

Here are some simple ways how you can build traffic to your site and get the audience that you need.

  • Use social media: Social media offers you the most common and the easiest way to get an audience into your site. There are several social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. that you can choose from depending on your niche.
    You should ensure you get a strong social media following so that you build relationships and trust that will help you promote your products and services effectively.
  • Guest posts: Another great way to build your audience is through guests posts on other blogs with high-traffic. This involves capitalizing on other blogger's audience by creating blogs for them that are relevant to your niche.
    You should showcase your expertise on a particular topic to capture the attention of the audience and possibly get them to click on your site.
  • Email lists: An email list is very important for an affiliate marketer. You can use a lead magnet or encourage your audience to sign up for your updates to build your email list.
    Once you have the email list, you can then push your content to the audience via email and direct them to the affiliate sites. Ensure you build enough trust with your email audience to ensure they keep purchasing the products you promote.
  • Paid advertising: Paid advertising is another great way to generate traffic and drive sales.
    You can start with the paid advertising on social media since they are more affordable. Google Adwords can also be a place to start with depending on your niche.
what is affiliate marketing niche

Promote Affiliate Offers

After all, the hard work and you now have everything in place, and you have your desired audience by your side, it is now time to promote affiliate offers.

You need to continue to add value to your niche by promoting products that are useful to your audience. Depending on your site and what types of products and services you're selling, there are several ways to promote the offers.

Product Reviews

As an affiliate marketer, your audience relies on your opinion about a particular product and you have to give it to them.

Be as honest as you can and offer all the relevant information about the product including the features, benefits and all the specifications of the product. You should then include a link to where your audience can get the product if they decide to purchase it.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Banner Ads

Putting banners on your site is another great way to promote your affiliate offers. Banners ads put at the right location do a good job in driving traffic that leads to sales. Insert the banner on the page with high traffic, and you will get the traffic that you need.

Content links

This is one of the most common ways that affiliate marketers use to promote offers. Bloggers always create links that direct their audience to specific products and services, and once the reader clicks the links and makes a purchase, the blogger gets the commission.

Email promotions

Since you have an email list that you already put a lot of effort into building up, you should give affiliate offers via the email promotions. Ensure the emails contain an affiliate link to your site so that your audience has an easy way of finding your site.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Discounts and giveaways

Discounts and giveaways are some of the best ways to attract the attention of your audience and get them to know about the products you're selling.

If your merchant is offering discounts, this is a perfect opportunity to promote them in your site and get the audience to visit the site and purchase the products.

Tips of Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Focus on Recurring Revenue

Successful affiliate marketer gets recurring or residual revenue. This is continuous money that keeps coming in even if you don't work. This means all the time needed to promote the products have already been invested, and the affiliate maintains a steady income from the products.

what is affiliate marketing niche

Get Multiple Traffic Sources

As an affiliate marketer, you should never rely on a single traffic source. Affiliate marketing is a business like any other, and anything can occur.

If an unexpected occurs, you don't need to lose everything because you put all your eggs in a single basket. You can start by a single source or traffic, but as you get used to the platform, you should diversify and explore other sources.

Review Products

One of the best ways to capture the attention of customers is through product reviews. Start reviewing products that fall within your niche and let your readers know that you're an expert in that niche. 

what is affiliate marketing niche

If you do this, they will keep coming back to your site whenever there is a new product in the market so that they get the information.

Don't Ignore Mobile Users

Many affiliate marketers focus most of their energy on websites and web traffic and forget about mobile users. You should ensure you have mobile-friendly views so that you gain more traffic from mobile users who are continually becoming the wider online audience.

Stay Ahead

An affiliate marketer should always have an open mind and stay ahead on the latest online trends. This way, you are always prepared for any unpredictable occurrences, and you're never caught off guard.

what is affiliate marketing niche

This will also help you stay competitive because there is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing. These trends will also enlighten you on a few marketing techniques that are likely to benefit you.

The Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing

You have already gone through everything you need to know on what is affiliate marketing niche, right? You must be excited about jumping right in and start making money.

You should take your time because you need to prepare yourself on the downside of affiliate marketing before you decide whether this business is good for you or not. Here are some of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing you should expect to meet along the way.

You Need Patience to Start Earning

It is obvious that most people flock the Internet to make quick money. Some people will even sell you affiliate marketing as an easy and a quick way to make money online. Sorry to prove them wrong but affiliate marketing is like any other business that needs to be nurtured for it to grow. 

what is affiliate marketing niche

You will not start getting organic traffic immediately because you need to publish more content and keep working on your site before Google recognizes it. 

It can take you even 6-12 months before you start earning real money if you do everything right. The period can be longer if you're not dedicated enough and some people even get discouraged and quit.

There is More Work Than You Imagined

The concept of affiliate marketing sounds easy. Like you only need to create a link, post some content and get people to click on the link and purchase the product. It's not that easy, and you need to dedicate your time in learning many things if you want to turn affiliate marketing into a full-time income.

what is affiliate marketing niche

While most people can see balance between their full-time job and affiliate marketing easily, sometimes it can become difficult because you need a clear mind to be able to generate content that warrants a click.

You are not in Control of the Program

Joining an affiliate program is easy and is free of charge, but if you get into a wrong partnership, you'll be in trouble because you cannot control anything.

Some problems you might face is not getting paid or a company ending the affiliate partnership with no good reason or prior warning. This means you should not depend on a single source of income if you're an affiliate marketer.

what is affiliate marketing niche

You Have no Control Over the Pricing

As an affiliate marketer, you have no freedom to negotiate the pricing of a product or service. The company often sets the prices and determines the commission rates. Even though some companies offer a higher percentage the more you drive more traffic and work with them, this is not always a guarantee.

Unstable Income

Running an affiliate marketing business, like any other business, have no guarantee of financial stability. As the world changes, affiliate programs also change from time to time, and you can find yourself earning a lower income all of a sudden.

Another thing that can inconvenience you is Google updates that affect websites. You need to diversify in order to escape these uncertainties.

what is affiliate marketing niche

High Competition

Because online business is the new trend in town, thousands of blogs are started, and several niches become highly competitive. Picking a competitive niche means you need a longer time to start yielding the results of your hard work.

You need to put more effort into it in order to surpass the competition and make some stable income. You need to work extra hard, or you will be thrown out of the market.

You Need Self-Discipline

Being in control of your work schedule sounds like a good thing, but it can be hard if you're not self-disciplined and have no established routine, agenda or guidance. You set your own goals and account for yourself. 

If you have to work from home, then you need to be prepared for the massive amount of distractions that's going to come your way. Only self-discipline will save you from these distractions so that you can make a real income from affiliate marketing.

what is affiliate marketing niche

How To Start?

Affiliate marketing niche is a great way to start an online business with no investment. Many people have succeeded in making it a good source of income and are earning huge rewards. This is because they invested a huge amount of their time in the program and made smart choices.

 If you work hand in hand with the merchant and build good rapport, you will be able to make a good income from the comfort of your home. You need not to worry about producing the products and the services as long as you join a reliable affiliate program.

what is affiliate marketing niche

While there are so many benefits to this kind of online business, if you don't take things seriously you can also be thrown out of business by competition or get discouraged by the amount of time you have to wait before you start earning.

You should do thorough research about what to expect as an affiliate marketer so that you are fully prepared to face the risks and the disadvantages. There is a lot to learn about affiliate marketing, and you will come across some information once you indulge in the business.

If you do not know anything about affiliate marketing do not worry. There is one training that covers all you need to know and is very easy to follow.

Click the button above and find out more about this training and platform.

Thank you for reading.

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  • Glen says:

    This is a great overview of the affiliate marketing niche. I am glad you pointed out the challenges of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketing process is a simple concept. But making money is not. As you pointed out, there is more work than you can imagine. But the profits can be more than you can imagine. It can be frustrating at times when the profits don’t seem to match the effort you make. But if people are looking for a steady source of income, then they should find a job. Then they can trade their time for a paycheck.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment Glen.

      I agree with you. With the right amount of work the reward won’t fall off also.



  • faftop says:

    The best article I’ve read in a long time. The simplicity at which you write Is so lovely. My journey to being an affiliate marketer has being so frustrating and rough. I would have being glad if I had articles like this a year and half ago, it would have done much in guiding me on the right path. I will continue to check this site, it’s so  rich.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey there. Thank you for your kind words.

      I am glad if at least one of my articles could possible help someone who is just starting in affiliate marketing.


  • Abdullah Siddik says:

    This an amazing article about affiliate marketing, I found here full details of money making information, specially full guideline of affiliate marketing, I am also agree with the author that, affiliate marketing is now most popular method for make money, specially for the blogger can promoting affiliate link in there article, I am an affiliate marketer also, I found here some most important guideline which will improve my marketing experience, Thank you very much for writing the article.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Abduallah. Thank you for stopping by and reading my article. I really appreciate it.

      I am glad you can find some of my points useful in your future online career.


  • Jay says:

    The idea behind affiliate marketing sounds easy from the outside but it is different when one enters into the game. There is usually a lot to do that if you don’t exert yourself you just would not succeed. It is a very unique type of business that when you start getting money can lead to bigger things.

    When you have become an authority it can lead to bigger opportunities. One needs to understand exactly what affiliate marketing is with the advantages and disadvantages so you know exactly what you are getting into.

    Content sure is king if affiliate marketing but that is not good enough because if you don’t learn how to drive traffic to your site then all the effort would just be for nothing. There is a lot to learn from this post and a good work has been done in composing it.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hello Jay.

      Yes, making money with affiliate marketing sounds way more easier than it actually is. And the fact is, everyday work is a must if you would like to succeed fast with this kind of business.


  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info.

    When I started as an affiliate marketer, I did t have those tips as you give and I had to figure it out myself, and yes, it was quite a struggle in the beginning, but I did it. 

    Now I’m pretty confident that with the tips you give, it will be a lot easier for the people who wants to start with it than it was back then. 

    I wished I found a post like yours in these days. 

    So, thanks a lot for sharing it! 

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you Emmanuel. I am really glad you enjoyed my article.

      Yes, we usually come across late to some information that would help us greatly if we were famliar with them on time.

      Best regards,


  • Dave Sweney says:

    A very decent thorough explanation of how affiliate marketing works online using the internet. It is a niche that is popular to enter for those that are considering getting into the online business, and it is no wonder because it is about the cheapest way to get a business started online.

    Before I started with online marketing, I researched the many options to start building a business online and determined affiliate marketing was the best choice. There is a lot of products out there to help you get started, but most of them are not that good.

    I wasted a considerable amount of money and time by investing in a couple of these, and eventually found my way to a platform that really over delivered. That site is called Wealthy Affiliate, and four years later, I am still with them. I have been able to build a solid online business, and in large part, it is due to the training and tools on that platform.

    As you say, there are many positive aspects of affiliate marketing, but it is indeed a lot of work and you have to stay abreast of what the market is doing (i.e. content and products to promote). As opposed to what many will try to sell you, there is no push-button profits out there.

    But if you work hard, and do it regularly, over time you will be able to make a significant amount of income. That work can be done from anywhere, you just need access to the internet, and you have to have a laptop or desktop computer to get the work done.

    Overall, you have presented a very good picture of what affiliate marketing is, the advantages it offers, and what it takes to make a go of it using the business model it offers. Thanks and I have bookmarked the post to send to others asking questions about the affiliate marketing niche! 

    • Strahinja says:

      Hello Dave and thank you for this wonderful and thorough comment.

      Yes, the key to success with affiliate marketing is to work hard every day. Unfortunatelly, many people still think they will create a website, pick a domain name and the traffic will magically occur. If it was this easy, anyone could become affiliate marketer.

      As for me, I still think that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. No dilemma at all.

      Best regards,


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    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I cannot find the details about “Affiliate Marketing Niche”. I have learned many things about ‘affiliate marketing niche’ and I believe it will be helpful for all freelancers. I think online marketing is going to be best demand always for online business owner. There is no end to interest online. Especially among the young people, the anxiety is rising. Everyone has questions before starting affiliate marketing; It is a product that should start with. Many people can not choose the right product, which is why they take the wrong steps at the beginning. If you make the mistake of selecting the right product, then assuming you have begun to go wrong in the beginning. So you have to select the product with awareness. I have joined the Affiliate Marketing first, I was very concerned about Niche Selection, but after reading your article, there are many benefits to my selection. Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice and one of the solutions. Thanks again once for awesome post I’m going to bookmark and share with my friends.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey there and thank you for your comment. 

      I can only say that you should never recommend products which are not valuable enough. Do not try to scam or lie to your viewers.

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    Thank you for writing an important article about affiliate marketing niche site. I have recently purchased a premium domain for my website and just thought about starting affiliate business. After reading your article I believe that your article will be helpful and a great inspiration for my niche site. I am going to bookmark your site and will read other article soon. I am going to implement all of your strategies and solution to my sites soon.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey there. Thank you for reading my article.

      I am really glad you made the first step. Good luck on your journey to online success.


  • Michel says:

    Thank you for this very concise overview of affiliate marketing.

    It is a lot to digest for the newbie affiliate marketer, but if you take it a step at a time, it is not too bad.

    You are right to advise us to only promote products we use or are interested in using. In this way, we can give out more helpful and accurate information on all the pros and cons that the product has to offer. You can spot it a mile away when a marketer is trying to promote something that he knows nothing about.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for reading another one of my articles. I really appreciate it.

      Hopefully you found my website to be of help to you.


  • Daniel says:

    What I like the most about affiliate marketing niche is that you don’t need any investments to start doing that. Everyone can do it but I think that the most important factor to success is time. I see that most people talk about 3 or 6 months before you see success but I think that a year is a time where you see some good results when it comes to affiliate marketing.

  • Nuttanee says:

    I appreciate your honesty that succeeding as an affiliate marketer is not easy. It definitely takes time and effort to be successful. There are many approaches that you can do affiliate marketing, I think having your site and focus on email marketing by far is the best approach. Of course, you have to make your audience trust you by creating good contents as well.I have started my journey 6 months ago, I thought the learning process will be over with but I was wrong lol I am still learning on my email marketing skill. I think if you are passionate about your niche you will be successful in affiliate marketing. On some days when I ran out of ideas, I usually stalk my competitors out lol that helps me with creating new contents.By far, I am not yet that successful in affiliate marketing yet. But I know deep down that if I keep pushing for it, I will make it soon.Great article 🙂

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your support and kind words. I can also agree that email marketing in addition to running a successful blog is the best way to go when it comes to affilaite marketing.



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    Hi Strahinja,

    What a great content. 

    I wish I have come across your article 2 years or at least a year ago. This is such an informative article on how to make money online as a blogger.

    I agree with you, if one has to promote a product he/she must at least be interested in that product. For instance, as a vegan, you can’t just say because people are ordering a lot of fried chicken online you want to promote fried chicken. The spirit to write anything about eating chicken won’t even be there.

    I’m glad you show example of great content on your post.

    Thanks for sharing this. It helpful.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

      Yes, when it comes to writing it is much better to write about something you really care and you are passionate about.


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