Is Affiliate Marketing Better Than College?

By Strahinja | News

Jun 28
is affiliate marketing better than college

Affiliate marketing involves marketing different products that are sold mostly by online retail stores. People are earning substantial amounts of revenue through such programs.

Most people attend college so that they may graduate and get an academic certificate that will allow them to get a well-paying job. It is evident that the main goal here is earning a substantial amount of money. In this context, there will be a discussion aiming to answer this question, "Is affiliate marketing better than college?"

To some extent, affiliate marketing is better than college. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to learn more about how to earn money through digital marketing. For starters, the level of education helps to determine a person’s salary. Nevertheless, the main similarity in every industry is the advantage that comes with being experienced.

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People who have completed their college studies will earn more money as compared to those who lack academic credentials. The salary increases gradually, and people also get promotions.

They can also improve their lifestyle as well as establish an investment that will allow them to earn more. Although people aspire for a better future after completing their college studies, there are various factors that they are not aware of. For starters, people should learn more about the following:

  • The risks involved in going to college.
  • Some of the jobs that require university degrees.
  • Is affiliate marketing a legitimate way to earn money?
  • How can a person earn money without a college degree?
  • Affiliate marketing vs. college degree.
  • All about affiliate marketing.
  • Why you need to work hard when engaging in affiliate marketing.



Downsides Involved In Enrolling For A College Or A University


It is good to have access to quality education. Nevertheless, some challenges are involved when a person attends college. Some of the challenges include:

 The College Expenses Have Risen

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College education has become expensive. The prices always rise annually. Most students are also forced to take student loans while in college. Various regulations have been put in place, and some of them do not act in favor of the students. As a result, student loans are available, but they are not easily accessible.


People Have To Study For Four Years At College

is affiliate marketing better than college


The average period that people have to study while in college is four years. The main aim of each individual is to attain financial independence. Although you may expect to complete your studies in four years, the sad reality is that it may take at least 5-6 years. During this period, people accumulate huge student loan debts, and they also enter the job market after a long time.


Student Loans Pose A Significant Challenge

is affiliate marketing better than college


People access loans for different loans. The student loans have accumulated over the years, and they surpass credit card debts and auto loans. You may have different goals such as owning a house and a car, but your dream will be short-lived because of the student loans. The student loans are a hindrance to many things. Nevertheless, all these challenges should not discourage people from going to college. In some areas, you need a college or university degree for you to get an employment position.


Some of the jobs that require a college or university degree are as follows;

  • Teaching jobs.
  • Radiologists or technicians.
  • Computer specialists.
  • Engineers,
  • Nurses and Doctors.
  • Legal Assistants.


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Although some of the careers that have been mentioned above might be paying well, the main challenge is that some people do not aspire to become professionals in some of these fields. Some of these people have different options, although they do not possess any work experience and they may also do a great job.

There are few jobs where people are not required to present a college degree; however, the main challenges is that they are not well paying. People may assume that the only way to attain financial freedom is through having a degree. On the contrary, there are ways to earn high amounts of revenue, and they include affiliate marketing. You’ll need a laptop and the ability to produce quality content.


How To Earn Good Money Without A University Degree


The Internet will always highlight the different jobs that pay well without considering factors such as formal education. Some of these jobs may be scams. You may be asked to invest some money, and you will be robbed eventually. Some of the programs that have proved to be reliable include affiliate marketing. Such a program can act as your way to attaining financial freedom.

is affiliate marketing better than college


Affiliate Marketing vs. College


  • People do not require any academic credentials to engage in affiliate marketing.
  • No age limit exists in affiliate marketing.
  • People do not need loans to start an affiliate marketing business.


About Affiliate Marketing

is affiliate marketing better than college

Any business venture has a learning curve. You must seek some tutorials first before engaging in affiliate marketing. After understanding the concept behind affiliate marketing, you will be in a better position to start earning from the lucrative venture.

Many people are aware of e-commerce and the advantages that it has on the lives of consumers. People can easily shop from different online retailers, thanks to smartphones and the Internet.

There are many online stores globally. Their net worth is in the form of trillions. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn some money from these online stores. When people are purchasing different products from the online stores, they can purchase through the e-retailer links on a specific website. The website owner will always earn a commission from the online retailer.

An Example Of How Affiliate Marketing Works

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People engage in different activities, such as taking guitar lessons. If an individual is interested in such an activity, they will look for tutorials, and they will progressively learn about how to play the guitar.

They will also look for a place to buy the guitar as well as the accessories that they need. If they shop through your affiliate marketing site, you will earn a commission from the original online store that was selling the products.

Since people wanted to know about affiliate marketing, the question is now answered. Affiliate marketing is more advantageous as compared to a college education.

Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments below.


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  • Wilmer says:

    Great article, you know there a lot of scams out there, and maybe some ventures are not scams but sometimes people are the scam. I always tell people if you see a guy flashing money in your face on a video in a expensive sport car, run.
    Great job on your website!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you Wilmer.

      I appreciate your comment. I guess sometimes each one of us fell to a scam, it is all natural.

      It is important to learn from our mistakes and don’t allow it to happen again.


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