Why Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Online Business Opportunity

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 23

You have tried the alternatives.

You probably tried freelance writing but found you could not write that well. Then you moved onto tutoring online but found out that career was just not for you. Then you tried MLM and found that you lost more money than you gained.

Don’t give up hope. There is still a very good answer to your new internet career woes. Why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity? You just have to keep on reading to find out the answer. It may be your only hope to having a great internet business.


Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Online Business Opportunity

You may think that we are being a bit presumptuous when making that statement but don’t rush to judgement just yet. Read the following reasons why before coming to a conclusion about affiliate marketing.

#1. Affiliate Marketing Supplies The Products And Niches

There is little work on your part here. These affiliate marketing platforms have done the hard work for you. Your toughest job will be deciding which of the niches and products you will represent.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

The key here is to pick those niches and products that you already know something about. Start slowly as well ass there is a lot of hard work involved.

#2. It Is Free To Join

If you are short on cash, that is okay. These programs offer you a way to make money. They are not like the MLM plans that have you spending money you do not need to lose.

Membership is free and you can take your time getting set up and familiarize yourself with the program. Then if you do not like it, you can back out without loss of needed cash.

#3. You Get Free Training

Not all affiliate marketing platforms offer this but enough do. The free training helps get you on the right path to success. Some affiliate marketing platforms also offer free education to make sure you have the tools to be a success.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

Getting trained properly is one ticket to being a successful internet businessman or woman. Its like going to trade school but without the tuition.

#4. Its A Large And Growing Audience

Unlike many traditional businesses, the audience for affiliate marketing is large and it is growing. It is supposed to grow about 10% each year for at least the next 2 years. With almost 4 billion people already connected, you have a large audience to reach.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

Then with more joining every year, you won’t run out of people to market to any time soon.

#5. You Are A Salesman But Not A Salesman

Salesmen have the difficult task of trying to sell their products to potential customers who walk through their store’s doors. They often put a lot of pressure on people to buy. You do not have to do that.


With affiliate marketing, you are helping people not trying to sell to them. There is no quota to meet and no pressure to hard sell or make a sale.

#6. There Is No Recruiting

Unlike MLM plans that demand that you recruit people to sell under you, in affiliate marketing you do not have to do that. Instead of wasting time recruiting people, you can use that time to increase your sales by focusing on needed SEO and other tasks.

fair business

Also, you do not even have to meet your customers. Your website and content do that for you.

#7. You Have Your Own Setting And Hours

There is no going to the office between the hours of 9 to 5 or fighting rush hour traffic each way. You set your own hours and you can work from the comfort of your own home.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

When you build your business properly you will eventually get to the point where you make money while you sleep.

#8. It Is Your Business

That can be a good feeling, knowing that you are waking up to do something that belongs solely to you. Your success depends on your hard work and not relying on recruits to have the same attitude as you do.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

When it is yours, you also try harder to be successful. You get to call all the shots.

#9. No Logistic Headaches

You represent the product and the vendor. You are merely the middleman connecting the two to potential customers. That means you do not have to buy products, have them stored in a warehouse or ship the product to a customer.

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

That headache belongs to the vendor you represent. You simply make a connection, help convince people to buy and collect your commission check.

#10. No Experience Necessary

This is one of the good aspects about affiliate marketing that is hard to beat. You can start in the business and learn as you go. You get great support help if you run into a problem you can’t solve.

guy with the laptop

Then you have access to a lot of tools that will help you meet your SEO requirements, etc. Learning on the job helps you make money even when you do not know a lot about the business just yet.

How To Start In Affiliate Marketing

Those are not all the reasons why affiliate marketing is the best online business opportunity but they should be enough to convince you to check it out. Getting started is very easy and to help you with that, we recommend that you go with Wealthy Affiliate.

This affiliate marketing platform has 2 free websites for you to use and it offers free training. It is the one that helped me be a success in this business. You also get access to millions of products and niches to get you going.

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Sign up is free as well. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and see why affiliate marketing may be the online career move for you. If it helped me, it will help you get your financial goals met.

Thank you for reading.


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