How Easy Is Affiliate Marketing?

By Strahinja | Recommended

Jun 11

You have heard about affiliate marketing.

The first question that comes to mind is how easy is affiliate marketing to do? The good news is that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to participate in affiliate marketing programs.

You just need some good common sense, good business skills and a willingness to learn how to do affiliate marketing correctly. The key to making affiliate marketing work for you is to remember that there is the good, the bad and the scam affiliate marketing opportunities out there.

Probably the hardest lesson to learn in doing affiliate marketing is developing your discernment talents. You need to be able to spot the differences between retailers and identify which ones are the good opportunities, the bad opportunities and the scams.

Once you learn how to do that affiliate marketing should be a very easy for you to do.

Article Summary

In this article we are going to share the most useful and important tips and strategies that will help you become more successful at affiliate marketing. We also going to give our perspective on how easy affiliate marketing really is.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

Before you get started in the business, you need to understand what is affiliate marketing. Getting a grasp on the business you are entering helps you learn better and identify the different opportunities.

how easy is affiliate marketing

There are 4 basic core positions in affiliate marketing:

  • There is the merchant or also called the retailer, brand, vendor and so on.
  • Then there is the network. This is where you find the affiliate opportunities or niches.
  • Next comes you, the publisher or commonly called the affiliate or affiliate marketer.
  • Finally, there is the customer, also known as the consumer.

There can be second and third tier positions but these are the main ones that drive the affiliate marketing business. That is how easy is affiliate marketing. It can be boiled down to simple basics that are easy to understand.

It is not a complicated structure and lets even a high school graduate participate with ease.

To keep it simple here is a very clear cut definition of affiliate marketing:

The affiliate marketing business is where you earn money for promoting someone else’s product. This can be an individual’s or a top brand name company’s product. All you do is find a product or niche you like, tell others about it and earn a small commission for every sale linked to you and your promotion.


The Potential Of Affiliate Marketing

By now you have probably heard about the large sums of money that can be made through being an affiliate marketer. That is true. You do have the potential to make lots of money but only if you are patient and let your business develop.

You have to be a bit cautious here and not let the dollar signs influence you into making bad decisions. Once you do that you will get off track and probably not be a success. Keep the potential of making a lot of money in the back of your mind and do not let it interfere with doing your business.

how easy is affiliate marketing

But making money is not the only potential element involved in affiliate marketing. When you investigate the business you will see that you have the potential to help market hundreds of thousands of products, if not more.

The difficulty here is trying to decide which products you want to represent and which ones fit your personality and lifestyle best. If you are an athlete then you would choose to represent products that related to athletics. You would not choose products that go well for someone who travels or wants beauty secrets.

The potential of your success depends on making the right product choices and finding the right niches that complement your knowledge and experiences.

When you do this, then you will find affiliate marketing easier and a lot more fun.

One of the biggest tasks in affiliate marketing is getting visitors on your website. Check our post to learn more about this.

How Easy Is Affiliate Marketing

It is so easy that if your neighbor can do it, so can you. In this section we will give you 7 steps to becoming an affiliate marketer and some key questions you need to ask yourself before you make the leap.

Once you have educated yourself and answered those questions you will see that affiliate marketing may be just right for you.

#1. Choose The Niche You Want To Promote

This is the first step because the niche or product(s) you choose to promote will affect the design of your website. Keep in mind there are hundreds of thousands of niches you can choose from.

how easy is affiliate marketing

You can choose more than one niche and build more websites. You are not limited to just one but starting with one and building up would be the smart way to go. Take your time and make second and third choices in case the first one does not workout for you.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you are not sure which one to choose:

  • What products, topics or issues are you passionate about - this makes affiliate marketing easier and more enjoyable. You also already know a lot about the niche and its audience size.
  • Can you make money in this niche - if the marketing audience is small then it is doubtful you will make a lot of money promoting that niche. You may make some but not a lot. For example bird call whistles. You may like bird watching, etc., but there are few people involved in this niche and your potential for making money is not that good.
  • Can I write a lot about this topic - affiliate marketing depends on the written word and if you cannot get a lot of mileage out of the niche, then your potential falls again.
  • Is the market audience large - or is there a lot of interest in the products for this niche?
  • Are there affiliate marketing programs available for this niche - if there isn’t then it is wasting your time to adopt that niche and start promoting. You won’t make any money.

#2. Find A Good Affiliate Program

affiliate program

This is essential as the top affiliate programs will help vet the sellers or vendors and work to keep the scams out of their programs. They are not perfect so do not expect all vendors in every program to be legit.

Some questions to ask:

  • Are the merchants using this program above board, honest and stand behind their products?
  • How much commission will you make when you help get a sale?
  • Can you see yourself associated with this niche or product?
  • What type of support do you get from the program?

#3. Now You Build Your Website

Once you have made your decision on the niche or product you want to help promote and you have decided on an affiliate program you want to work with, you now get to build your website.

The good news is that this is also not very complicated anymore. There are steps to follow to ensure you get the right website for you and your product.

  • Buy a domain - this has to be done if you want to have a place to put your website. Because there are more than enough people out there buying websites, try to get a creative domain name and have second, third and even fourth choices ready to go. There are a lot of companies willing to sell you a good domain at an affordable price.
  • Buy a hosting platform - this also can be very affordable and make sure you go with a reputable company that does not go offline very often. You need to stay visible if you are going to be a success.
  • Choose a content management company - there are some very easy to use companies that do most of the work for you and can handle managing your content quite well.
  • Choose your theme - a theme makes it easier for your customers to read, identify and trust your content. The simpler it is and the easier to customize, the better.
  • Start writing your content - to promote those products you have chosen you need to write about them. You need to be educated, creative, without being condescending and looking like a know it all. You also need to convince your readers to buy those products.

#4. Content Is Key

Your content should be precise and should not pander to the lowest common element. The content should make the product look good and create a need so your reader is convinced to buy.

blog post

Here are some suggestions on how to do that:

  • Product reviews - do a top 5 a top 10 or even a top 20 list and highlight the good points of your products. You can also add in a few negative ones to keep your content honest.
  • Write a blog - in this you can highlight the product and its good points, answer FAQs, or talk about relevant issues that interest your audience.
  • Give away information - you can offer a free e-book or manual and so on. These give a ways help your readers see the potential of the product and helps motivate them to buy.
  • One warning - be original and do not purchase generic content to save you time etc. You want to be seen as an expert in your product or niche and purchasing generic material undermines that objective.

 #5. You Need To Build Your Audience

Just because you have a product to market and a website to market it on does it mean people will automatically come to your door and buy your products. You need to build your audience through a variety of means.

how easy is affiliate marketing

There are good ways to do this and they may not cost you much to do it:

  • Use social media - go for the most popular ones and stay away form those social media outlets past their prime.
  • Write guest posts for other bloggers - this helps you tap into the audience those bloggers have and lets them know you and your website exist. You have to be good if you want to create interest in your product and website.
  • Create an e-mail mailing list - sending out a monthly or weekly newsletter helps develop interest in what you are doing. Just don’t be annoying.
  • Use Keyword & other SEO strategies - they are there for you to exploit and their are a lot of keyword generators out there to help you find the right ones to use
  • Go old fashion and pay for your advertising - banners and paid ads on social media sites gets you good visibility

#6. Repeat The Previous 5 Steps

It will take time to build your audience so you will have to continually do steps 4 & 5 to get noticed. The key in building your audience is to not give up. Once you give up you can kiss your affiliate marketing business good bye.

There is an honorable mention that should help you build your audience. You can do a lot of promoting of special deals, offers and more that your seller offers to their regular customers.

limited time offer

People like a good deal where they can save money. Market these right and you should be able to build your audience. Before you do this step, make sure you build a solid foundation for it. You have to have a good website, top quality content and even a good email list for this strategy to have a chance on working.

Once you start, don’t give up.

It takes a little time and a lot of patience and hard work to be successful at any business, even affiliate marketing. People do not know who you are, and they do not know if you can be trusted.

hard work

It takes time to build a quality reputation and once you do, you can rely on word of mouth advertising to help build your audience. That is another key to being successful - your reputation. Once you get a solid rep, you want to ensure that it does not get tarnished.

A bad reputation will sink your affiliate business faster than anything. People love to work with businesses they can trust and who give them great customer service.

To answer the question how easy is affiliate marketing? It is a very easy business to get into and develop. But it all depends on you, and how hard you want to work. Yes you can make money while you sleep at affiliate marketing but you still have to put in the hours to reach that point.

You Can Earn While You Learn

This is the other easy aspect of the affiliate marketing business plan. You do not have to be a professional business man or businesswoman to do this type of business. You can earn as you go.


There are two keys you can use to help guide you as you start your new business and as you maintain it:

  1. Learn from your mistakes - you will make mistakes, that is a given. If you learn from them, then you can continue to earn as you learn. Mistakes are only fatal if you do not learn valuable lessons from them.
  2. Learn from the mistakes of others - save yourself some time and pain by looking to see what other affiliate marketers did. Then spot their mistakes and learn from their errors. Why trod the same path when you can alleviate some of your painful issues by seeing what others did wrong and learning from them. This will help you spare some expensive lessons and help you be more successful.

Then there is one honorable mention that should help you when you enter the affiliate market business venture.

If you do not succeed the first time, try again - you may have picked the wrong product to affiliate with or even the wrong niche. This does not mean you are a failure but just made a bad judgment call. Just choose another niche, or product and revamp your website and try again.

how easy is affiliate marketing

Not everything is going to be perfect right out of the gate so be wise, careful and a watch your steps so you do not make the same mistakes the second or third time around.

Correcting your mistakes means you may need to take advice from more experienced affiliate marketers as well. You can pick up some great tips when you pick the brains of those who know the business well.

How To Start In Affiliate Marketing

how easy is affiliate marketing

We return to the question that started it all. How easy is affiliate marketing? It is a lot easier if you get the right training at the start.

That is one of the good thing about affiliate marketing, there are more than enough companies and people out there willing to provide you with the training you need to get started on the right foot.

I can recommend a community that helped me become a full time affiliate marketer. I invite you to join for free and see for yourself is affiliate marketing something you would enjoy doing.

They offer training videos and more to make sure you can find the right niche for you. Plus, this training should help protect you against fatal mistakes. They have had success with over 1 1/2 million affiliates.

Do a little training first to make sure you can take your new affiliate marketing opportunity to the heights you want.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below how you started in affiliate marketing.



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  • Oana says:


    Thank you for this very instructive article about affiliate marketing. I too would love to earn an income working from home. But, I am a bit afraid to start, as I have read that a lot of people are scammed. 

    But, I think I would give it a try, after reading your article, everything seems so easy and safe. I may have a problem with writing, as I am not that good, but step by step I can manage that. 

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Oana.

      I have provided a really nice website and starting in is free. You can go there make a free account and see if you like affiliate marketing.

      No obligations and no risk.


  • Rose says:

    Hello Strahinja, this is a very helpful article you have written here, you have covered very important points in Affiliate Marketing,one of the best tip that has stuck in my mind, is when you said that if you don’t succeed the first time, try again, because it could be that you picked the wrong product or the wrong niche, this is very true and I find many affiliates give up too early because of this very reason.

    You have given me many tips especially when it comes to content creation. I also like Affiliate marketing for the fact that anyone willing to learn, can do it and as you mentioned there are so many training programs online that will teach anyone willing, how to do Affiliate marketing, I have also noticed that you have recommended a very good program for one to learn Affiliate marketing the correct way.

    I just wish I had come across an article like this a few years ago, I would have been very far now with Affiliate Marketing.

    Thank you for taking the time to help people who are looking into venturing into Affiliate Marketing, I look forward to reading more from you.


  • Zihad says:

    Hello Strahinja,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable post. It is really tough to find and get a good job. Before hearing about affiliate marketing I worked in a private company which gave me limited money and I had to maintain time that they decided. But when I came to know about affiliate marketing, I left my job and start affiliate marketing. But I thought that affiliate marketing is difficult to continue. Whenever I read your post, my confused mind gets clear definition on it. Really your post helps me a lot. I have a little question that, can I choose ‘diet food” as my niche?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment Zihad. I appreciate it.

      Affiliate marketing is definitely becoming more and more popular and is a good choice if you like this type of business.

      Diet food is great niche and if you are interested in that you are more than welcome to start it.


  • Ronald L Washington says:

    Hi Strahinja

    You have provided some very powerful information here. I like the way you give us substantive content as well as procedural content. You give the step-by-step process of working in the Affiliate Marketing space in a clear and cogent fashion. Your graphics were also visually appealing and helped with understanding the process of affiliate marketing. Due to immediately piquing my interest,  I clicked on your link to WA and found the section on building a website notable. You made it sound super easy to get the WA site market-ready.  I have not found that part so simple and wonder if you could expand on why/how it is easy? That sure would help me because I have found that copy and pasting code is a bit tedious.

    You also made it clear that one can convert a WA website into money. In your section on social media, You made me think about my 4,000 or so Facebook friends and wonder how I can convert them into good and continually paying customers. I’m a teacher and invariably my students and their parents use Instagram more than any other platform. So, would you recommend to focus on that?

    Thank you for this great information.God bless you!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your thorough comment Ronald.

      I am really glad you found it useful. I never said affiliate marketing was easy,  but wanted to showcase what does it take to be successful in affiliate marketing. It is for my readers to decide is it interesting enough for them to engage.


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    First of all, thank you for writing about affiliate marketing. I already thought about affiliate marketing. I want to do business online. This training will help me a lot in learning Affiliate Marketing. I think affiliate marketing would be a great online business for me.

     Thank you again for giving you the right ideas about affiliate marketing.

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