What Is 30 Day Success Club?

By Strahinja | Scam

Feb 26

If you are wondering what is 30 day success club you are at the right place.

It makes good sense to look into different online money making opportunities and get the straight story on each one. In this article we are answering the question what is 30 day success club.

You may have heard about it but do not know enough to make an intelligent decision. All you have to do is keep reading our article as it gives you the information you need to understand what this company is all about.

Avoid Scams Like 30 Day Success Club!

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About The Business

It is not a hard question to answer. You just need the right information to make a determination and answer what is 30 day success club. This online money making opportunity seems to have a fast track on helping you make millions of dollars in 3 months.

what is 30 day success club

The owner is supposed to be a Debbie Joven but in our experience that may not be a real person. It is hard to say as there are no photos of her nor is she seen in the video. What she does do is hype her system telling you that only about 1% of the people know about this system even though it has been on the internet for 2 years.

That is a big red flag.

How Does 30 Day Success Club Work

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. The reason we say that is because Ms. Joven does not explain how the system works in the video. She does pours on the hype and pressure showing you luxurious mansions and high bank account totals to get you excited about signing up.

what is 30 day success club

How it actually works is that Ms. Joven and her videos get you excited about making money, then they get you to pay the sign up fee as well as purchase expensive upsells. The only person on track to make millions is Ms. Joven and her cohorts.

What Does it Cost to Sign up?

To get in on this money making scheme that so few people are supposed to know about you have to pay $37. You are then sent to other videos that try to get you to pay $197 for each upsell they offer.


Be careful pressing those buttons. You are automatically charged as soon as you click them. The only salvation you have is that these offers come through Clickbank so you have their money back guarantee protection.

They do give you a website to build and then you get to start marketing Clickbank products but they do not teach you how to get traffic to your door or how to use your SEO strategies or website to their fullest potential.

What To Watch Out For


When investigating different online money making opportunities and answering the question what is 30 day success club, you need to realize that there is a common thread that sets scams apart from the real deal.

You need to know the difference between the two and what to watch out for. In the case of the 30 day success club there are a lot of things you need to watch out for.

  1. The owner - when the owner hides his or her face and identity, you know the company has a lot to hide. Legitimate companies do not hide their ownership people.
  2. The hype and the promises - when you see a lot of these statements you know that the system is not going to make you a lot of money. Those are just the hook to get you to spend your money.
  3. The system - when the company does not tell you their system or how to use it, then you know you are in trouble. There is no system that makes you the money promised.
  4. The cost - when you have to pay to play and there are a lot of upsells to buy, you won’t make any money. You will lose your money and that is about it.
  5. The misrepresentation - if they are going to hide the owner then you know they are misrepresenting the number of people who know about the system, the deadline to sign up and other key details. They are also misrepresenting the revenue you will have.

The 30 say success club has all of these elements and you should avoid signing up.

Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam?

what is 30 day success club

You know it is. There is no other answer one can give to this online money making operation. It is designed to benefit the owners of the club whomever they may be. The only good aspect of this club is that it works through Clickbank which gives you your money back without hassles.

You are not going to make the kind of money the company promises you using their system and buying all of their supposed products that help you make money.

There is an Honest Way to Make Online Revenue

It is called affiliate marketing and more than 1% of the people know about this legitimate source of income. You are your own boss and can set your own work hours but that doesn’t mean you are not going to work hard.

affiliate marketing

You have lessons to learn training to complete, and decisions to make. It is not going to be easy in the beginning because it takes time to build up an audience and then get them to purchase those products you represent.

Plus, you need to learn how to write good authoritative content that gets people to trust you as well as implement key SEO strategies to help people to find your two free websites.

affiliate marketing training

Wealthy Affiliate is where you get the training, the products, the websites and the support you need to be an affiliate marketing success. The rest is going to be up to you and how hard you want to work.

Going with the best legitimate affiliate marketing platform is the way to make money online.

Thank you for reading.


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  • John says:

    Nice post with very detailed information. Just what I need in order to make a decision. This was helpful because there are a lot of scams out there.

    I appreciate how you help one to see that

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome John.

      These fast money solutions like 30 day success club are questionable at best.

      Thank you for commenting.


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